Billo Tillo Tachh

Bhai, Kishor Kaka, Raman Kaka at Nariman Point, 9 Sep 2007


6 thoughts on “Billo Tillo Tachh

  1. It was Janmashtaami yesterday and thought of a book that my late brother had recommended to me called ‘Krishna nu jeevan sangeet’. I wondered who had written it and did an internet search and discovered this blog and that his favourite author wrote the book. Unlike my brother, my Gujarati is not fantastic and wondered if I can read the English translation. Is there an English version of this book and if so where would I get it from. Chandrika Joshi

  2. Chandrika,

    Yes, there is an English translation, ‘Symphony of Krishna’. I think it would be available in any of the bookstores that keep the Gujarati works of Dr. Gunvant Shah.

    Crossword in Ahmedabad and Baroda have a complete collection. I’ll ask for more details and post.

  3. i am agreat fan of gunvantbhai. i did listen to him live once at wembley and also had the good fortune to meet him!!he is a truly inspirational and lively person!

    please can you guide me or provide me with details on how to obtain his various lectures in audio/video/cd/mp3 etc. i would really appreciate your help in this search.

    i am grateful to you for posting the audio lecture of Dr.gunvanthai on krishnanu jeevan sangeet!!!

    this was the first book that i read of gunvantbhai’s – and i have become an ardent fan of his ever since!!!

    • Bipin,

      Right now, there is no audio CD available. We are working on it. And now hope to give out free CDs with new books. And post them here of course.

  4. Hallo…Batulm
    Today after long period ( due to election there was a political articals) i read a nice artical about human feelings by Gunvantbhai. Begining of my day perticularly sunday start by reading Vichrona Vrundavanman in Divya Bhaskar. Sometimes articals are so fine then I feel ” Ajno Divas Sudhari Gayo ”
    Lots of people become “Swajan ” of Gunvantbhai by his writing. we pray to God for his good helth and long life.
    Harish Brahmbhatt

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