Ramrajya thi Rajghat, a lecture in Surat


5 thoughts on “Ramrajya thi Rajghat, a lecture in Surat

  1. Gunvantbhai is a prolific writer and speaker and all of us in USA has been privilaged to know him.

    An MP3 file of the lecture in Surat would be highly appreciated.

    Hopefully, some day, we will have a book on CD of Gunvantbhai.

    Regards and Repsects


  2. I agree with surenbhai that lectures of Shri Gunvant bhai be put on net. Also if you can put his columns in different magazines/news paper be put on this net. It would give easy access of his writing to NRI.

  3. I have also requested for mp3/DVD,CD if we can have more particularly overseas friends, readers of Shri Gunwantbhai Shah. Please atleast put pdf file of Divyabhaskar/Navneet/chitralekha article for our intrest, and family can read, we can bring print out for our record. Thanks,

    • Yes, Maheshbhai, I am working on putting MP3 lectures on the blog, too. But failing for some technical reasons. But will sort that out soon. We will also be putting up scans of certain articles at the earliest.

      Regards. Batul

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