May God grant us harmony

This is the misfortune of our country that many Hindus count the Muslims as foreigners and many Muslims behave like foreigners. Such people from both the communities forget their duty towards the nation. If the Muslims here are considered foreigners, then even the Aryans would have to be labeled foreigners. The Aryans came to India from Central Asia. The original natives of India are the Dravidians. Let us check out a few facts.

The reputed archaeologist S. R. Rao has stated decisively that the culture of the Indus River is the actual Vedic culture. The remains of the Indus civilization in Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, are now in Pakistan. The Takshila university where Vishnugupt Chanakya and Vaiyakarni studied is also in Pakistan. If we think about our Vedic culture then India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Burma almost become one form and merge into ancient India. All the castes disappear into Aryan or Dravidian.
The ‘pshyco-civilisational’ chain that joins Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jains and Christians is unbreakable.

The Muslims may follow they own religion, but no people can afford to ignore their own culture. The Vedas, Upanishad, Ramayan and Mahabharat are not only the treasure of the Hindus; they are the property of the entire Indian subcontinent. By neglecting this rich inheritance, we display a haste to get bankrupt. The Sanskrit language is the key to this vast inheritance. Islamic culture has come to our country via Iran through the Persian language, the Persian poets and the Sufis. Girilal Jain (Times of India, dated 17-12-1991) rightly says that the Vedas are the only basis of our unified culture.

Many fanatic Hindus have assumed that the Muslims are the only ones who betray the nation. These mad men sometimes would like to believe that patriotism lies in fighting the Muslims. No one calls the Hindu who never does his job without taking a bribe, a traitor. A Hindu who steals public money, who brews illicit liquor or who deals in drugs to make money is not be considered a traitor. A Hindu teacher who does not teach his students after being paid his full salary or the one who sells the exam papers or takes a bribe to pass a student is never considered a traitor. A corrupt businessman who propagates fanatical Hinduism and fights with Muslims will definitely be considered a patriot. Even if such a businessman fleeces Hindus he will remain a good Hindu. Even a terrible, vice-laden, violent Hindu goon is considered more patriotic than a decent Muslim citizen – such is the atmosphere being created in the name of Hindutva.

No one could be sadder than a decent Muslim in this country. The men of his community are not willing to listen to him. Fanatic Hindus are satisfied only after terming him a Pakistani supporter. If you find such a Hindu specimen then you must be careful. I often meet Hindu friends who complain strongly against Muslims, but who would not sacrifice even one milligram for the country. All their devotion to the country lies in putting down the Muslims. To call such a Hindu patriotic is tantamount to insulting patriotism. Patriotism asks for selfless service or creative production. No country can stand on criticism and accusations.

The Muslims are taking too much time to understand one thing. If religion cannot be the parameter of joining us, fine. But at least we can be united in solving the hundred problems before us. Unemployment, illiteracy, rise in population, exploitation of women poverty and filth are not the problems of only the Hindus. These are our joint problems. Even though our religions are different, our difficulties are the same. Even if mutual love cannot be the symbol of our unity, we can be one in our pain and save our nation. That would be wise. The Muslims will have to shout out loudly and say that this country is ours and we too are the children of this earth. So our problems cannot be different. It is also very important for our national unity that our problems do not remain the problems of any particular community and take on the face of national problems. If our common culture and our common problems cannot unite us, there is no possibility that our religions or religious leaders can save our country.
The religious leaders have long since defeated Parmeshwar and Allah. Now if we defeat these religious leaders, then only can we live in peace.

We must salute the quiet gentleness in both the religions. When God created and sent man on earth, he did not make any such arrangement that only decent people from one religion and only bad people from another would be born. A Hindu or Muslim who cannot understand such a simple thing should not be mistaken as religious.

From ‘Ishwar Allah Tere Naam’ by Dr. Gunvant B Shah, © January 1993
Translated by Farida Noorani, Batul Mukhtiar, © January 2009

3 thoughts on “May God grant us harmony

  1. I agree to these thoughts fully.
    No religion is greater than Human Values. And surprisingly, NO religion has taught to be Unhuman – NEVER !

    Let us all leave aside and boykott the fanatics in any form – terrorists, religious preachers, power game players etc. and respect and support each other.

    Let our children grow in an environment free of hatred and malice. Just in 30-40 years, a new population will replace our misguided society.

  2. How Aryas (its true literal meaning is noble persons or gentlemen, it is not a racial term) would have to be labeled as ‘foreigners’? The Aryas came from Tibet and settled in this land which was named by them as ‘Aryavarta’. Aryas were not foreigers or invaders. When they came no body was staying here.

    Swami Dayanand Saraswati (1824-1883) was the first person who declared that the Aryas are the original inhabitants of India and thus he instilled new life and vigor into the body politic of the country and vested its people with the power to claim and secure self rule. He has written in the eighth chapter of his Satyarth-Prakash as under:

    Question: What was the name of this country before that, and who were its aboriginal inhabitants?

    Answer: It had no name, nor was it inhabited by any other people before the Aryas settled in it, who sometime after creation came straight down here from Tibet and colonized this country.

    Question: Some people say that they came from Iran (Persia) and hence they were called Aryas. Before the Aryas came to this country it was inhabited by savages whom the Aryas called Asuraas and Rakshasas as (demons), while they called themselves Devatas (gods). The wars between the two were called by the name ‘Devasura Sangram’ as in the historical romances. Is this true?

    Answer: It is absolutely wrong. The Veda declares what we have already repeated, i.e., The virtuous, learned, unselfish, and pious men are called ‘Aryas’, while the men of opposite character such as docoits, wicked, unrighteous an ignorant persons are called ‘Dasyus’. (Rigveda: 2.51.8). In the face of these Vedic authorities how can sensible people believe in the imaginary tales of the foreigners? In no Sanskrit book — historical or otherwise — it is recorded that the Aryas emigrated here from Iran, fought with and conquered the aborigines, drove them out, and became the rulers of the country. How can then these statements of the foreigners be true? (Ref: Satyarth-Prakash).

    = Bhavesh Merja

  3. Jai Shri Krishna,

    At the very start of my comment, I would like to state that ever since my childhood I have been a great fan of Shri Gunvant Shah. His views and ideologies are what have attracted me to read his articles in newspapers and magazines.

    Commenting on the above article, I felt a little pain in my heart to see that in order to portray the fanatic side of Hinduism in India, Shri Shah goes overboard. He puts so much emphasis on the point of Hindus committing sins, that he literally forgets that these sins are way lesser in proportion to the entire Hindu population in the world, and when compared to other religions. Secondly these sins are occuring not only in the Hindu religion, but are practised in religions across the globe.

    How correct it is to blame the Religion for all that is unacceptable or unavoidable? Yes, it is true that the self proclaimed care takers of every religion have always had vested interests in the masses not understanding the religion in its entiriety! But, this is prevalent in every religion. And Shri Gunvant Shah or this forum is not a measure to gauge whether Hinduism as a religion is right or wrong, and to what extent?

    As mentioned in the article, we (Hindus and Muslims) are facing the same set of problems, same bunch of enemies on our borders and probably the most dangerous enemy of all – the parasites of our own bureaucratic establishments – the Netas and the Civil Servants? Then –

    Why are Hindus and Muslims governed by separate laws?

    Why not a uniform Civil Code for all Indians?

    Why is it legal for a Sikh to carry a Katar (Dagger) and roam around in the city, even enter Governemnt establishments, while it is totally illegal for a Hindu (roughly 70% of Indian population) to carry a small Trishul (religious symbol, not a weapon)?

    Why does one find spralling Haj Committee buildings and other lavish properties around the country, while Hindus have to fight and sacrifice for a tiny piece of land, to build shelter on the way of the rigorous but equally pious Amarnath Yatra?

    I am sure Shri Shah can certainly come up with convincing answers for the above mentioned questions with his gifted art of writing and immense understanding of Religions and Humanity, but at the end of the day, it is the comfort of one’s elderly parents suffering from Arthritis or the warmth that the shelter is gonna provide to a small child in those chilling temperatures; that really matter to an individual.


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