sabse oonchi prem sagaii

A lecture by Dr. Gunvant B. Shah at Paryushan Vyakhyan Mala organized by Shri Mumbai Jain Yuvak Sangh

Dur: 39’54

Language: Gujarati



11 thoughts on “sabse oonchi prem sagaii

  1. hi,
    it is really fantastic to read bhai’s articles in gujarati. you are doing a great job.
    one query i want to download mp 3 on cd but i am not able to save it nor open it fully. Out of 36.5MB only 7.30MB can be downloaded. pls pls guide me i want to make cd of it from blog

    • Heena,

      All I can ask you is to try again. Other people have dowloaded it, so there may be a problem with your server, or something.

  2. hi,
    thank you so much for such prompt response. i was able to download it on my laptop successfully. hoping that bhai’s lectures would be put up on blog regularly.

    i was v happy to find his lecture on blog. It was nice to read his articles in english.

  3. Thanks, Dear, You did a GREAT job of keeping lacture of Shri Gunwantbhai, I will convey to Shri Ramanbhai Patel of Surat, who is closely associated with me and friend of Shri Bhai, and request you to continue at interval for our benifits. Thank you once again,
    Warm Remembrances,
    Mahesh Naik

  4. hi,
    bhai told me before two years that he would be writing part 2 of billo tillo touch. i am bit curious to know about it. whether he has started working on it or not ? hope so we get to see his autobiography’s part 2 very soon.

  5. Respected Gunwant Bhai, I am a hindi speaking man,cant speak or write Gujarati but can read it.The taste of your writings made me learn reading Gujrati in this remote corner part of rajasthan.I regularly did read Sandesh and Abhiyaan for your writings and now readind Chitrlekha,Divyabhaskar and Navneet Samarpan.I take deep bath of joy and hapiness in your writings. May your pen and your heart be more sensitive towards the problems of modern life’s problems and guide us to face them.With best wishes for your good health and peaceful life_ Naresh Kumar Chandwar. +9314140035.

  6. Wonderful……
    its just today i come across this website

    thank you so much guys to avail me my Fav. Author
    i will be very thank full to you guys.

    i am hardcore fan of Gunvant sir and had all the books in my library,and i am regular reader of his articles in sandesh and now in divyabhaskar.

    its really great to get his articles and mp3 files.

    Many thanks guys
    please keep it up the good work


  7. Sir,

    I really like so much “VICHARO NA VRINDAVAN MAA”. I can’t miss it due to any reason.

    TOday you told MAANAS UPDRAVI CYARE NATHI HOTO?. Its really very fact.

    I want to talk to you from very long time.


    Anis Shaikh

  8. Dear Ms Heena ,
    I request you to please inform me on how to download the Mp3 audio lectures of Shri Gunvant shah from this website . I have been to this site for the 1st time ever today and am interested of getting these downoaded on my Laptop.Kindly guide the path .

  9. Such a wonderful Job, Batul, please keep up the great work. I had an honor to meet Dr.Shah, after almost twenty years of break in West Palm Beach Florida, after his lecture, i went to see him, and i said hello him, in split seconds staring in my eyes, Dr.Shah recognized me instantly. It was such a splendid feelings. After than i met Amisha, and Avantikaben and took them around Miami and it’s beaches.

    Very first time i met Dr.Shah in person in 1982/83 in Billimora, where he arranged a camp for college students. There he gave this lecture first time, Sabshe Onchi Prem Sagai. I got the audio recording of this lecture somewhere in my audio cassette collection. It was given to me by Mini Shah. Unfortunately that tape is misplaced somewhere, if i do ever find it again, i will convert it to MP3 and submit it to you, so that worldwide audience can enjoy.

    Please convey my regards to Vivek, i meant to meet him again if i come to india.

    Best regards
    Bharat Patel

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