15 thoughts on “Krishna nu jeevan sangeet – a lecture

  1. Gunwantbhai’s lacture on Krishna Nu Jeewansangeet is all time GREAT listening to me & my family. Thanks, & continue to give us many more such lactures on mp3 system for our interest, Thank you once again…….

  2. Dear Sir

    My name is Javed Raja. I work as a Principal Photographer with The Indian Express Ahmedabad.

    I have been a big fan of your writings and really appreciate your social concerns.

    Sir, taking inspiration from people like you, I have been also working towards a Photo Album titled ‘ Muslim of Gujarat’, in which I am trying to document the achievements of the muslims living in the state. I will highly appreciate your guidence and suggestions for the same.

    As of now, I have been aiming to bring together those achievers who are not in constant media glare like students with high academic achievements, people working for communal harmony, musicians with grassroot touch, some famous cricketers, former Chief Justice etc.

    I will be eternally grateful, if you please respond to this mail. And if possible, will you please provide me your contact details, so that I can call you as per your convenience. My mobile no. is 09228408682.

    Eargerly waiting for reply,

    With Regards

    Javed Raja

  3. Dear Dr. Gunvant Shah, Love. If you forget not, you had given me a meeting at your residence in Baroda for about an hour before about 15-16 years. I am bearded Osho Sanyasin now 74 years, but I say I am 47. I am perhaps a posthumus Celebrity as I am a late commer. I would like to remind you that, I am running a Marriage Bureau since 8-8-88 namely NAHA INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE BUREAU and now we are on the NET in the name of http://WWW.NAHAMATRIMONY.COM which I wish you to visit in detail so that I can have your feed-back. I am a Social Scientist and I have my ARTICLES on Web. Moreover, there would be my BLOG on WordPress.com very shortly. I am also one man army of my NAHA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL DYNAMICS(NISOD) since 8-8-88, under which I have been researching since then. Moreover, I know you so well. Rest, after hearing from you. With regards, Yours sincerely, Swami Satyabhakt(Mahesh M. Oza) – Dt. 3-3-09.

  4. Respected sir,
    i m Jayesh Dudharejiya form Mahuva (saurashtra) styuding B.ed. in Economics.
    it’s really a good facility to get the audio recording of your lecture avalibale in your site.I m now enjoy all your site.

  5. hi,
    thanks a lot for posting mp3 of bhai on ‘Krishna nu jeevan sangeet’. i am really greatful to u. i cannot express in words what it means to me.
    hope so bhai’s recent lectures are also recorded and put on the blog. thank u sooooooooo much.

  6. Well, I am so pleased to see you getting up and ready with technology. Well done.

    And yes, I think it’s time wordpress installs blogging in gujarati. Gunvant Shah will be a spring of digital inspirations then. What do you say Mr. Shah?

  7. What Sri Krishna preached all through his glorious life was not some thing different than the eternal Vedic teachings. Essentially he was a Vedic personality, well versed in old Aryan literature viz. Vedas, Upanishads, etc. He was a genuine devotee of One Almighty Formless Omni-present God. He valued the Vedas greater than his own words. We, the so called Hindus (the word “Hindu” itself is of foreign origin, we are “Aryas” as per our ancient Sanskrit books — a sad thing indeed that we have forgotten our original and meaningful name too!) have misunderstood Krishna and his message and considered him as an Incarnation of God. Otherwise, the fact is that the Vedas and Vedic scriptures are very clear that God never assume human body. Incarnation Theory is a superstition originated from our ignorance of the true Vedic philosophy. Krishna had never wished that people should worship him like this. Unfortunately our religious teachers, learned scholars & writers do not clarify or draw attention to this vital point.
    = Bhavesh Merja

  8. hi vivek bhai,
    this is heena bhinde, hope so would recall me. this is to request u, about bhai’s cd on various lectures which were to be published soon. vivek bhai plsssssss release those cds soon. we all are dying to read hear it.
    pls reply if possible and convinenent to u….


  9. though i m muslim ihave been highly impressed by your article published every sunday in newspaper. pl.continue ; it is the need of the whole society

  10. Hello sir
    i m a student
    i am greatly inspired by your articles published in Divya Bhaskar. i loved your lecture on krishna.
    i especially like your articles about nature.
    i read your ‘prastavana’ in “thank you pappa” and that was the best essay i have ever read in my life.

  11. Shri Gunvantbhai,
    Since last 40 years I am reading your articles and various
    publications.At present I am in U.S.A. and always remain in touch with the articles.Now I am with the NET and very happy that I feel that I am in India with my LITERATURE.
    Rajnibhai Raval.

    • This blog is being run by Batul Mukhtiar, and not Dr Gunvant Shah. It is not possible for me to reply to all the comments, or to mediate with Dr. Shah and pass on his comments.

      This blog is specifically started by me to reach his thoughts to a readership that does not read Gujarati. Or is aware of Gujarati writing. Just as good books in any language are translated into other languages.



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