Vaat, pitta, cuff

A lecture on physical, mental and spiritual well-being by Dr. Gunvant B. Shah

vat pitta cuff*by


9 thoughts on “Vaat, pitta, cuff

  1. Hi
    I am suresh from ahmedabad. recently in chitralekha Dr Gunvant Shah wrote about helping old people. In this connection would like to see and discuss with him. Wanted to find out what best we can do under his guidance. Me and my wife 55, are about to retire and the idea suited us. Pl let us know how to contact you.
    thanks. suresh

  2. Respected Sir,

    Aaj na Guru-Purnima na divase, hu tamne mara manas guru mani ne Vandan karu chhu. Tamara vicharo thi ame beu jana khub j prabhvit chhiye. Thanks for giving us right direction..

  3. very interesting post, good knowledge we got from this post, please provide more speech of Gunvant bhai.
    my salute to our garava gujarati number one. bhagvan tamne 125years ni jindgi aape.tamaru jivan amara jeva mate aadarsh jevu chhe,

    pinakin patel

  4. gunvant bhai i am reading u since i was in 8th std.
    when u came at umata.mahesana, i leasten u in school during panchsil andolan.i have all your book.
    in surat i attend all your program.
    u r our hero who live according what he is saying.
    jay hind.

    pinakin patel

  5. Namste.
    Hu aapni kalam no chahk chhu.
    aapne vanchva khub game chhe.
    cell : +91 98 25 25 28 11

  6. Gunavantkaka,
    I am following you on newspapaer, magazine and blog.
    Paghadi na vad……. can be good twits, do open your twitter acccount, so we can get mukhwas after blog dinner.
    Lakhta rejo ame vachta rahi su
    Bhavesh Desai

  7. I am the fan of Shri Gunvant Shah.I had many opportunities to listen to him i n t he Gujrat Rajya Aharya Adhivations.I read his many books.Really he is a great writer.

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