the stone flower

A little away from Mysore, the Kaveri flows through lovely rocks and trees. Birds from all over the globe migrate here. A migratory bird from China comes here, lays eggs and when the baby-birds grow up,it flies away. This bird sits still on the rock for hours together as if in meditation. It has an interesting name – Stone Flower.

Perhaps every man is like a stone flower. His existence consist of three things:

1. Stone-ness

2. Flower-ness

3. Bird-ness

Stone-ness is represented by materialism, money-mindedness, greed and the profit motive, i.e. an attitude fixed upon the mundane.

Flower-ness is the blooming of one’s self and it implies ‘self-actualization’,the term coined by Abraham Maslow.

Bird-ness inspires the flight to reach the Supreme Being without beginning or end.

Raj-yoga is the tranformation of the Stone-ness within us, into the Flower-ness and the Bird-ness.

– An extract from Dr. Gunvant Shah’s book ‘The Symphony of Krishna’.


2 thoughts on “the stone flower

    • Dear Rajeshbhai,

      All books of Gunvant shah are in Gujarati and some are transleted in english, Hindi,marathi Telugu also. The idea of giving some writing in English is to spread Gunvant shah’s thoughts across the world.

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