Mahavira ,The Apostle of Non -Violence

In India food has received the status of   ‘Brahman’. A Rishi of Upnishada has introduced food as medicine. Taking food is a pleasant phenomenon, almost as good as a festival. In the process of taking food a lively contact with life is established. In breakfast or dinner on a dinning table, if in the food stuff a scream, a struggle or a shiver of fear of a dumb animal is felt, that foodstuff will not give health and comfort. When a hunter follows a deer, the deer in order to save life runs very fast and finally gets tired. If the hunter has a jeep car, the car does not get tired. At this stage the deer comes in the range of hunter’s gun. When the deer finds death just a moment away a final scream erupts from the deer’s mouth. Meat-eater in the fashionable darkness of a grand hotel, or on the shinning dinning table at home, ever listens to the death –scream of the killed animal, while relishing his dish?  Perhaps not. A living cow simply becomes ‘beef’ for him and a living hen a ‘chicken’. A living pig becomes ‘pork’. If only, just once, let man put himself in the place of that helpless animal.


3 thoughts on “Mahavira ,The Apostle of Non -Violence

  1. Excellent !
    I read that Akbar the Mugal King became Veg. due to the
    influence of Jainism, when he visited Ahmedabad,and he ordered closure of slaughter houses during paryushan.
    Would like to add #$@

    • Dear Mr Ramshanker Jha,

      Thank you for your comments. Vegetarianism is going to be accepted by all sensitive people of the world. There is no choice.

      Gunvant shah

  2. Respected Gunavantji,

    again a very good articale……am became vegitarian soon after gain sense of the world, 8-9 years old….I convinced my entire family for this…..but as you very well said no body bothers about any thing else then herself/himself……

    keep it up sir…

    sameer chouhan

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