In William Goulding’s novel ” Free Fall”, Samuel plans to escape from the concentration camp. He keeps on rehearsing the torture he would have to undergo, if he were caught. When he is practicing the torture likely to be inflicted on him to make him reveal secret information, he has a wonderful experience. Samuel says, “A flame (of fire) came towards me and I was totally changed”.

There is a reference to the flame (of fire) and a ‘fistful of light’, in the religious treatise Hadis. The Prophet Mohammed’s experience was also expressed in similar words.

At some super-natural moment we experience an unprecedented joy or a flash of meditative thoughts. Such moments come in everyone’s life, but we miss the oppertunity to use them. Our commonness is preserved because such golden moments are wasted. Solitude, silence and meditation are beneficial in awaiting such divine moments. The bridge between the expectancy and the experience is meditation.

Meditation is not the means to an end. It is both the means and the end.

An excerpt from Dr. Gunvant B. Shah’s book ‘The Symphony of Krishna’, published by TEAM SPIRIT PVT LTD.


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