Gunvant shah’s program for Gujarati language

Gunvant shah is organizing an event for Gujarati language. The detailed program for place and time will be announced shortly. Pass this information to as many as you can.


One thought on “Gunvant shah’s program for Gujarati language

  1. Dear Dr. Gunvant Shah,

    I’m tocuhed by your efforts for Guarati As a language.

    I have suggestion , why it must ,must not be teach in the schools compulsarily, as there is a provision of such rule our education law also.

    I’m fighting with school authorities since last 2 years to teach guarati as a subect for my son. the school is delhi public school. I have even written letters to education dept of Guarat under RTI but no results,Chief minister of Guarat to bring this to his attention. complained to CBSE with whome school is affiliated with out any results as usual & still doing what ever i can, MAy be with a letter from you and few other dignitories will open up the eyes of our chief minister and he may take actions.

    IF this would have been a case in Maharashtra A havoc might have been created. But it is we guaratis,”shu ,Sha Paisa Char” . I met a lot of parents who believes it as unproductible work, but it is the wrok for your children you ar doing, How can it be unproductible? I believe we all should fight for this.
    This is what are foundation for our children, who are pillars of tomorrow & if the foundation is weak, another 50 years our country will be even worse.

    I end this here with a postive mind, that Almighty is definitly helping me .
    Best Regards


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