Gunvant shah’s message

Dear Bloggers,

I am  flabbergasted simply because of the overwhelming response from my readers and friends.

Manisha,Amisha are my daughters, Vivek is my son, Batul is my daughter in law, Manish and Mrugank are my son in-laws. They have all perhaps decided to take me on a long drive along the cyber highway.

My love affair with internet has yet not started. The untouchability that prevails between me and my computer is like a beautiful girl whom I wish to propose but the dream remains unfulfilled because of my inferiority complex.

Friends, I wish you well and wish to thank you all most heartily. Good wishes. With kindest thoughts.


Gunvant Shah


14 thoughts on “Gunvant shah’s message

  1. Namaste Bhai,

    I don’t think you would remember me. I am glad to know you little more than lot of people in gujarat, reading your articles. I have come to know you and Avantikamasi as my friend’s parents in my engineering college.

    Your books have put my interest back in to reading after almost 15 years being lost in USA. Thanks to your daughter and my best friend for a gift of your book that brought me back in to reading gujarati books. Your simple yet meaningful writings have helped understand life in depth for reader like me.

    I welcome your kids’ effort to put you on this exciting world ride. I am sure you will enjoy it. so go for it…..

    Wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year…..

    With regards,


  2. Dear Bela,

    I am so glad to read your message.Of cource Bhai knows you. I will surely pass your feeling to him. Good to meet you via blog. will mail you.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I’m a lecturerin mathematics in a college at Bilimora. Please express ur views regarding an attitude of present govt. of Gujarat regarding higher education. Majority of the students are comming from such a financial background that they cannot efford the colleges with high fees. What are ur sugestions regarding this matter.

  4. Dear Kaka
    I can understand that the man from land feels bit awkward on this new Internet city ,no worries as long as our message reaches to you safely , but every invention has its pros and cons , you will get more thoughts if you meet more and more people by this ,

    Bu its true that the Emotions can not be expressed well except mother tongue ,
    Just keep inspiring us and Do propose to Girl its just the matter of faith in our self if you can inspire millions of people
    than you can surely able to impress the interner Girl


  5. Dear kaka
    tamara vishe search karta avi pan koi link mali mane

    Ama ek manas ne tamara orissa ma je church na issue thaya e upar tame koi comment na kari etle aa manso udas chhe

    mane tamara vishe thodu odd lakhi sake evo pehlo vyakti malyo pan as gandhi says you will not blame him but
    I would surely want to clarify your views on that

    Kadach koi na man ni kad vash dur kari sakie to ghanu ane tamara vishe no ena thougths pan chane thai jashe


  6. I have been reading Tahuko edited by your dear friend Suresh Dalal.

    I read your reply to Kundanika Kapadia about youths.

    My question is: Is there any way one can reduce if not abolish corruption amongst Politicians.

    I shuddered when I found out about the amount amassed by Indian citizens in Swiss Banks.

    The Swiss Bankers agreed to diclose the names of the account holders if ordered by the Indian Government.

    Why would Government consent to such proposals.

    I am 42. Do you think any one person can lead such a Herculean task in my life time.?

    Do you think any person of Gandhiji’s stature is likely to be produced by our HOly land?

    Could intellectuals like you start a jihad?



  7. Please make necessary provisions on this blog so that we can write in Gujarati because writing to Gunvantbhai in a language other than Gujarati is very uncomfortable and embarrassing.

    • Dear Rajeshbhai,

      I will surely try to do this. But I have to take help as I do not have sufficient knowledge to do so.

      Manisha Manish

  8. I will be thankful to you if you could let me have the email id of Shri Gunvantbhai as I want to send him the mail

  9. kem chho gunvant sir
    i wanted to join your blog since a lobg time. at last today i m online. i m from surat n now staying in vadodara. whenever i read u in chitralekha or divya bhaskar i feel someone very own elderly person near me. i am a teacher. reading n wandering are my passions. today i am really happy dat i am in this blog.

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