Matru bhasha Vandana Yatra

Dear Bloggers,

Hello everybody!I am Manisha Manish and I with my Bhabhi Batul  and other family members are managing the blog for ‘Bhai’ . He is tavelling all over Gujarat for the ‘Matru bhasha vandana’ program as we all know. I would like to request you to participate in this program  and contribute in any way you can  and make it a big success. Thanking you and regards to one and all.



6 thoughts on “Matru bhasha Vandana Yatra

  1. Indeed commendable..!
    We do need intellectual, literary leaders like Gunvantbhai to take up this cause.
    Just a small suggestion. Please bring the small Gujarati community of Mumbai, NRI Gujaratis within your fold. This section is influential and can – would be pleased to also contribute. Need a luminiary like you to show the way.
    We have an International School in Kemps Corner, having some elite Gujarati parents, good International educational connections. Would be honored to be of any possible, proactive assistance.
    Just an email away.
    Deep Regards,

  2. dear sir,
    i am strong supporter of matrubhasa.we have two child and they both are in
    i have suggestion on this movment ask your self that why all are learning in english?because
    for higher studies there are no books available in regional langauage.we don’t have books for medical,engine,managment,.(2)our top leaders,sportsman,actors,etc ,are speaking in english rather than mothertongue or hindi,(3)we all sign in bank in english,don’t in your in germany,japan,israel,they all sign cheque in their mothertongue.even they
    have windows in their langauge.we don’t have
    proud on our mothertongue.

  3. Yours is the great Yatra & lots of people are with your great task. There is Silent support from across Gujarat. Your selfless Yatra is now matter disscussion in common people. I think people will try to think about learning medium.
    common people need authentic guidence for Gujarati medium and you are doing pinpoint work.

  4. મા = કેટલા પ્રકાર, જન્મદાતા-જનનીરૂપે, ધરતી મા – જન્મભૂમી અને કર્મભૂમિ રૂપે, નદી મા-જળસ્ત્રોત રૂપે, ભાષા-સરસ્વતી રૂપે
    કોઈ રીતે આપણે એનું ઋણ ચૂકવી શકવા સમર્થ નથી માત્ર પ્રયાસ કરી શકીએ છીએ બસ.
    એક પણ રૂપ જુવો એના વિના આપણું જીવન સંભવ છે ખરું? ગુણવંત શાહ સાહેબ એનું ઋણ ચૂકવવાનો પ્રયાસ કરી રહ્યા છે. ખુબજ સરાહનીય છે.
    હું એમની કલમનો છેલ્લા ૧૦ વર્ષથી વાચક છું અને એમની કલમ મને ખુબજ ગમે છે. આજે એમને એમના આ કાર્યથી એમણે જનતા સમક્ષ માતૃભાષા પ્રત્યેના પ્રેમને ઉજાગર કર્યો છે.

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