Article in sunday Express on 7-2-2010

Saving our matrubhashas
Sudheendra Kulkarni Posted: Sunday , Feb 07, 2010 at 0124 hrs

 On January 30, a commendable mass campaign was launched in Gujarat in honour of the mother tongue of the Father of the Nation. Gunawant Shah, a renowned Gujarati writer and columnist, started the ‘Matrubhasha Vandana Yatra’ to make people affirm their pride in their language and heritage. Shah has stated that the idea of the yatra was provoked by what he saw on a TV channel a few months back—a student studying in an English medium school in Andhra Pradesh was punished and made to display a board proclaiming “I will never again speak in Telugu.”

An Article in Sunday Express by Sudheendra Kulkarni


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