Message from Gunvant Shah

Dear Bloggers,

It was exhilarating experiences to have gone to many places in Gujarat during Matru Bhasha Vandana Yatra.People were overwhelmingly responsive and warm. It seems to me that the message went across very well.

Well known Gujarati litterateurs were very cooperative and responsive. Gujarati Sahitya Parishad selected 100 best books from Gujarati literature. Books worth half a million rupees were sold during the Yatra .Every where the auditoriums/grounds were jam packed.

In my lectures I made two points clear:

1        The Gujarati medium school should provide best facilities for teaching English as a subject.

2        The English medium school should provide best facilities for teaching Gujarati as a subject.

It is my impression that people welcomed this approach of consensus and compromise.

Personally speaking I am highly indebted to the people of Gujarat who showed respect and warmth in abundance.

Gunvant Shah



Dear Bloggers,


You may like to take a clue from Yatra and spread the message along the length and breadth of Gujarat. Thanking you.


Gunvant Shah


37 thoughts on “Message from Gunvant Shah

  1. Dear Dr. Gunvant Shah,

    I’m tocuhed by your efforts for Gujarati As a language.

    I have a suggestion , why it must ,must not be teach in the schools compulsarily, as there is a provision of such rule in our education law also.

    I’m fighting with school authorities since last 2 years to teach gujarati as a subect for my son. the school is delhi public school. I have even written letters to education dept of Gujarat under RTI but no results,Chief minister of Gujarat to bring this to his attention. complained to CBSE with whom school is affiliated, without any results as usual & still doing what ever I can, MAy be with a letter from you and few other dignitories will open up the eyes of our chief minister and he may take actions.

    IF this would have been a case in Maharashtra A havoc might have been created. But it is we gujaratis,”shu ,Sha Paisa Char” . I met a lot of parents who believes it as unproductible work, but it is the work for your children you are doing, How can it be unproductible? I believe we all should fight for this.
    MOther tongue is foundation for our children, who are pillars of tomorrow & if the foundation is weak, another 50 years our country will be even worse.

    I end this here with a postive mind, that Almighty is definitly helping me .
    Best Regards


    • Dear Keyurbhai,

      I couldn’t agree more with your struggle. I feel proud of you and at the same time I also feel frustrated because of helplessness.

      Gunvant Shah

      • Respected Sir,
        First of all I am very much happy and excited that I am writing something to my favourite author Dr.Gunvat Shah……..I am a huge fan of yours….I have been growing up reading ur books and article..i jst love ur bindast style of saying truth that too without bitterness. Your bold and straightforward writing and a deep insight into the feelings of the youth and the educated. thanks a lot for enriching Gujarati literature with your endless efforts…Regards.

  2. Namste sir,

    Aapna blog ni mulakat leto rhu chhu.
    Aapna lekhan no saro evo prbhav mara par chhvayo chhe.
    Hal ma aapnu pustak MAN NA MEGHDHNUSH vanchu chhu. Etle svabhavik rite j aapno e PRABHAV vadhto anubhvay chhe.
    Hu mara mitroma tatha koi pan loko ne yogy prsange aa pustak bhet ma aapish ane vanchva prerish.


    -AJAY OZA, Bhavnagar
    cell +91 98 25 25 28 11

  3. परम सम्मानीय श्री मान गुनवंत शाह ,
    सादर वन्देमातरम |
    भारतीय प्रान्त गुजरात की भाषा के प्रति आपका प्रेम सराहनीय है |मेरी द्रष्टि में अनुकरणीय भी .परन्तु आप अन्यथा न ले आपने हाल ही में जो गुजराती भाषा की सम्वेदनाओं को बचाने हेतु भाषा वंदना यात्रा निकल कर उत्तम कार्य तो किया परन्तु आपका ब्लॉग आप स्वय इंग्लिश भासा में लिखते हैं इस विरोधाभाष को में समज नही पारहा हूँ,i एसा तो नही की गुजराती भाषा की आप मात्र यात्रा निकलते हैं आप भी इंग्लिश के कुप्रभाव के षड्यंत्र में फसें हुए हैं |
    आपने भाषा के महत्व को तो बताया परन्तु आप के ब्लॉग की भाषा कब तक गुजराती हो जाएगी ये आप ही जाने |
    डॉ. प्रेमदान भारतीय
    मो. ९९२५६०६०९५

    • Dear Premdanji,

      Your criticism has a solid content. I would not try to defend the indefencible. my real trouble is that I never sit before the computer. Hope you will appreciate it.

      Gunvant Shah

  4. મુ ગુણવંત ભાઇ
    આજે દિવ્યભાસ્કરમાં તમારો માતૃભાષા વિષે નો લેખ વાંચ્યો અને હ્રદયમાં અલગજ લાગણીઓ જન્મી અને તમને આભાર કહેવા આ પત્ર લખી રહ્યો છું.

    આની સાથે તે લેખ ઇ મેઇલ કરશો તો હું તે મારા બાળકોને અમેરિકા મોકલી શકીશ


    દિપક દલાલ

    • Dear Deepakbhai,

      Can you send the article from the blog or send the blog link? they will be able to open it and read it


  5. Shree Gunvantbhai,

    My son is of almost 1 year old …From now we are discussing with friends about education.. when I will talk to educate my son in Gujarati medium.. they look at me in that way that I am doing some crime.. or treat me very “DESI” !!!! I am in Rajkot…
    Just want to say this is senario in our whole Gujarat..Can u suggest to overcome this situation which will help Gujarati language and many other parents like me


    Mehul Jamang

    • Dear Mehul,

      I am so sorry a paradox that I have to reply in English .please excuse me. here is my suggestion please select the best Gujarati Medium school and then select the best english may get help from Tata sky package cource.

      Gunvant Shah

  6. Dear Sir,
    I am always touch with you always by your Different article of Divya Bhaskar. I am regular reader of your articles. I am very good friend of you and your style of writing about any article. In the article of last sunday Dt.09/05/2010 i have read the article “Su Leave in relationship aslil chhe ?” I really like it. I would like to help from you sir. Last week i have read the Novel “Sat Pagla Aakashma”of Mrs. Kundnika Kapadia. I am really impressed from that. I have some suggestion and ideas about that subject. So i would like to meet her or contact to her in any way. So please sir i am request you to send her contact details or any address details or e mail id. So please sir if you have any details then send me i will really thanking you.
    Thank You.

  7. Shree Gunvantbhai,

    Please let me know when we will be able to write to you in Gujarati on your blog. It is very uncomfortable and embarrasing to write to you in a language other than Gujarati. Please let me have your email id so that I can send email to you in Gujarati.


    Rajesh Shah

  8. One can learn any language one wants – there are many ways for it- we need not expect the school authorities to provide us the teaching of gujarati language- i am born and brought up in hyderabad city- we had no gujarati language teaching offered anywhere in those days – and as i was to get married in a rural gujarat area, my parents hired home tutorials for me and i picked up gujarati language within 4 months time. now i can read and write our mother tongue.

  9. Sir,

    Kindly give your views on hypocrisy ( Dambh) in present era. i.e. 21st century . in day to day life , social life & personel life . Or one should be moderate ? or one should be blunt , straight forward . Or one should use his own discretion or discrimination power as per the need of the time ? ( I am asking you in the context of Shree Bhagvad Gita )

    Also tell from where I can get your article in the divybhaskar in the series ” Manthi makkam rahie , aagal vadhie , vadhta rahie )

  10. Etv gujarati na priya gujarati program ma tamne southi vadhare vote madya hata gunvantbhai…pan narendra modi na naresh dave ae narendra modi ne priya gujarati banavya…

  11. આદરણીય શ્રી ગુણવંતભાઈ,

    ગુજરાતી ભાષાએ આપણને એટલું બધું આપ્યું છે કે તે દેવું કોઈથી ઉતારી શકાય તેમ નથી. તેની સેવા માટે આપણે બધાંએ પોતપોતાની ક્ષમતા અને રુચિ પ્રમાણે જે કંઈ શક્ય હોય તે કરવું એ સંદેશ ચોમેર ફેલાતો જાય છે તે આનંદની વાત છે.

    અમે ઈન્ટરનેટ કોમ્યુનિટીવાળા અમારાથી થાય તે કરવા કોશિશ કરીએ છીએ. ગુજરાતી લેક્સિકોન, ભગવત ગોમંડળ, ટહુકો.કોમ અને સંખ્યાબંધ ગુજરાતી વેબસાઈટ અને બ્લોગ માહિતી અને મનોરંજનનો ખજાનો ખડકતા જાય છે. આપને શક્ય હોય તો મારી વેબસાઈટ સહિત બધી ગુજરાતી વેબસાઈટની એક વખત મૂલાકાત લેવા વિનંતી છે.

    -માવજીભાઈના પ્રણામ

    • પ્રિય માવજીભાઈ ,
      હું કમ્પ્યુટર સામે કદી પણ બેસતો નથી તેથી તમારી સાઈટ ની મુલાકાત લય સકું તેમ નથી ,પરંતુ તમારી ભાવના ને અને તમારા પ્રયત્નો ને મારો સંપૂર્ણ ટેકો છે. તમારી સદભાવના બદલ અભાર.

      ગુણવંત શાહ

  12. Dear Sir,
    Your efforts are absolutely remarkable to waken up the People of Gujarat.
    I am amazed by the diversity of the content in your different writings.
    Truly loving it. I definitely want to join the movement.

  13. Dear sir,
    Good morning. Many Many Happy returns of the days.

    from :-
    Bhagavan N.Patel
    Sheth C.N.PTC college
    Ambawadi. Ahmedabad

  14. Dear Sir,
    I have tried a lot to get your email address for sending you message.
    Please provide me your email if you can.

    • Dear Dr Hemkant Patel,
      He does not have an e-mail Id, you can send me via this blog and I will send it to him.


  15. તા.12 ના ‘દિવ્ય ભાસ્કર’ પૂર્તિમાં મુ. ગુણવંતભાઈનો લેખ (વિચારોના વ્રુંદાવનમાં) અદભૂત રહ્યો. લોકો રામદેવજીને સાધુ કેમ કહે છે, એ જ નથી સમજાતું ! સાધુથી વેપાર થાય ? એની પાસે 200 જેટલી પોતાની વેપારી કમ્પનીઓ છે, જે કરોડોનો વેપાર કરે છે ! માત્ર એકાદ દાયકામાં એંની પાસે કરોડોની સંપતિ ક્યાંથી આવી હશે ? ગાંધીજીનું નામ એના મોઢામાં શોભે ?
    પૂ. મોરારિબાપુ એને પારણા કરાવવા હરદ્વાર દોડી જાય, એ મોટું આશ્ચર્ય ! શ્રી શ્રી રવિશંકર, ક્રુપાલુ મહારાજ વગેરે તો સમજ્યા, પણ મોરારિબાપુ તમે પણ ? બાપુ, તમે અમને બહુ નિરાશ કર્યા છે.. હજૂ હમણાં જ બાપુની હરદ્વાર્ની કથામાં આ કહેવાતા ‘સંત’ ખૂલ્લા વાળ રાખીને આવ્યા હતા અને પ્રવચનમાં બોલ્યા હતા કે, “આજે કેટલીક મહિલાઓએ મને કહ્યું કે ‘બાબા, આજે તમે સેક્સી લાગો છો..”
    સાત દિવસના એકટાણામાં તો બાપુ એના પારણા કરાવવા ગયા. એ જ હોસ્પિટલમાં ચાર મહિનાથી ગંગા બચાવવા જેવા મહાન હેતુથી ઉપવાસ કરતા સ્વામિ નિગમાનંદ પાસે કોઇ ભાવ પૂછવા પણ ના ગયું !
    મુ. ગુણવંત્ભાઈએ મહાવીર ત્યાગીની વાતથી શરુ કરેલા આ લેખમાં છેલ્લે લખ્યું છે તેમ હવે તો ભ્રષ્ટાચારીઓ ભ્રષ્ટાચાર સામે આંદોલન કરશે..!!
    ભરત સુખપરિયા.

  16. Respected sir,

    Please give me yor mailing address so that i can communicate u by letter regarding content in column written by u.

    Please give me it is in public interest

    • Dear Chinten,

      His mailing address is,
      139, Vinayak society,
      JP road,
      Vadodara -20, His land line number is 0265-230673.

  17. Respected sir

    i want to talk with you either on internet or mobile and take your guidance for gujarati language preservation.i am spoken english classes teacher.

    • Dear Jayantibhai,
      you can contact him on his landline number :0265-2340673. Please call him between 4to6 pm.Thank you.


  18. Sir,
    it is very sad & painful to see Gujarati as a language becoming almost extinct by the day.For this sorry state of affairs we ourselves are to be blamed.

    .Here i would like to share my experience where i hv been enriched in the knowledge and in depth use of both Gujarati & English as Languages because of the judicious set of school curriculum in a school in Kolkota called by the name of Calcutta Anglo Gujarati Schhol,where the medium of instruction was Gujarati,but the Textbooks of All Subjects were in English language.Needless to say Gujarati as a subject was compulsorily taught till Higher Secondary

    .Thus we had a very sound & strong base of both the languages ie:Gujarati & English. As a result transition frm Gujarati medium in school to English medium in college & thereafter in Commercial life was very smooth & rewarding.
    One very fortunate fallout of this early grounding is that, , i am able to read and enjoy serious books in both English & Gujarati Languages with equal ease and understanding.

    Can’t we then follow the example(or improve upon)of the school named above and leave a legacy of enriched reading lifestyle for our posterity wherby they can enjoy the literary works of great writers in both Gujarati & in English languages as well.

  19. Dear Gunvant sir,

    I have an addiction of your “vicharo na vrindavan ma”. The real secularism which need to b adopt by the country what you said and ofcourse that is the correct secularism. I am waiting for your views on Dharmantaran, Make in India, ISIS in India, why muslim youth attracts so called jehiad ?, differences between Dr.Amnedkar and Gandhiji, why history of gujarat not in syllabus ?

    Today I asked question to my daughter who is in 10th that who is Siddharaj Jaysinh, Minaldevi, Acharya Hemchandra, Bhimdev Solanki she answered only one question about Hemchandracharyaji , however when I asked question about mughal badshah she know evwrything that Babar no dikaro humayu eno akabar no salim etc. Why they need to remember all this ?

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