Amitabh Bachchan And Narendra Modi

It is very much disquieting and distressing to see the way in which the Chief Minster of Maharastra Mr Ashok Chavan has misbehaved with Amitabh. He went to the extent of saying that he would not have attended the inaugural function for the second phase of Varli- Bandra sea link. This is exceedinly ridiculus and rubish. Mr Narendra Modi can not be equated to Gujarat just because He is the Chief minister of Gujarat. This equation reminds me of , ” Indira is India” slogan coined by a foolish Congress President Mr Barua. If Mr Modi is equal to Gujarat, then The Prime Minister should not invite Him even for the conference of Chief minister. Modi the individual can be a controvertial figure and He has every rightto be so. Having said that Amitabh Bachchan has accepted to be the Brand Ambassador ( Tourism) for Gujarat which happens to bea state within Indian Union. Tomorrow somebody else can become Chief minster of Gujarat in some Chief Ministers comes and go but Gujarat remains. The  under the shadow of Sonia Gandhi has every right to nurture the prejudices against Modi, that is perfectly all right in a Democracy. It is a truism that Modi the individual is different from Modi The Chief Minister because Chief Ministership is the constitutional institution.

Gunvant Shah

Note: Dear Bloggers I invite you to send your reactions in the context of healthy, democratic tradition.
Manisha Manish


21 thoughts on “Amitabh Bachchan And Narendra Modi

  1. Namaste,

    Mr. AB has already given his views for the current controvertial statements.

    I request you all to visit his Blog (Day 701)
    (Link is

    My humble opinian is that, now a days all the politician have only one motive that is publicity by any means!
    Hence all the ethics, discipline & priority for the nation is not considered in any way.

    In this cutting edge tech savey world, We are still fighing on cast, region, language. Most sad part of the story is that, even very educated people are also particiating, voting and supporting this type of “GUNDAGIRI.”

    We must revisit this all & stop this for the better future of our Kids.



    • Dear Kumarbhai,

      I could not agree more with you. The society get the politians it deserves. They can not be very different from the people they represent. They should never be trusted regardless of the party they claim to represent.

      Gunvant Shah

    • Nobody gives a damn about Godhra…least of all the Congress party. The Congress has killed more people then anyone, including minorities. They have Narendra Modiji, cause they can’t beat him…so they smother him every chance they get…like a bunch of dogs, that they are…..the The Congess Party…what a bunch of “anti-national” jokers. They because Sonia and her Italian Mafia are running the show, they have to kiss her ass every chance they get….the best way to do this is to take pot shots are MODI, who is the only one who can challenge the Congress.

      Long live, MODIJI…

      I ask all of you to pray for him….he needs our support.

      JAI HIND…..I love my beloved INIDA!!!

  2. 1. Mr AB is not invited by the people of Gujarat : he has been invited by and very publicly accepted the invite from Mr Modi.

    2.Like very many others, I happen to think Mr Modi is a cynical mass murderer who represents the logical conclusion to the combination of an impotent legal system and the electoral math that ensures that polarization is still the easiest way to victory. In this light, Mr AB’s actions are very much a vindication of Mr Modi. His TV interviews (why don’t you tell Ambani or Tata to get out of Gujarat, I refuse to comment on the genocide etc) merely amplify this stance.

    3. Mr Modi has constantly harped upon action against him as “an insult to Gujarat”. He probably learnt it from the timehonoured Thackeray tactic ” I am an idiot, but I claim to speak for marathi manoos, hence any action against me is an insult to marathas”.

    4. Just as Mr Modi does not represent Gujarat (and any “pride of the state” is not a factor here), Mr Chavan may be 10 kinds of an idiot, but his idiocy is not the factor here.

    The true tragedy is that our so called icons (AB, Tata, Ambani) who had nothing to fear from Mr Modi, have still succumbed and are providing their polish to hide the bloodstains.

    • Dea Mr AKM,

      Let us agree to disagree without being disagreeable. There are three kinds of fundamentalism: 1 Hindu fundamentalism 2 Muslim fundamentalism and 3 Secular fundamentalism. You may decide yourself where you stand.
      Gunvant Shah

    • I’ll reiterate specific points :-

      (a) Officially, as Chief Minister, Narendra Modi is personally responsible for what happened under his watch. There exists a mass of evidence, including on video, about his personal involvement, but given our system, it may not be possible to prove or disprove it, ever.

      (b) You say that Modi is not Gujarat ; yet you equate controversy about an invite given by Modi and accepted by AB in his presence as an insult to Gujarat. This is in line with what Mr Modi has done all along ; cloaking personal perfidy in official garb.

      (c) Secular fundamentalism is an oxymoron, since fundamentalism wants the narrowness of one religion. Which is precisely what Mr Modi’s attempt at the final solution was.

    • Dear Mukeshbhai,
      In politics nobody is untouchable. Mrs Indira Ghandi imposed emergency rule, censorship and extra constitutional measures. She was defeated in the election after emergency. She did not become untouchable there after.
      Gunvant Shah.

      • Dear mr SHah
        I read ur column regularly
        Initialy i was thinking ur articles are like nutral as far as political parties are concern but nowdays i found ur all articles are against BJP and specially for MODI. U mentioned everytime about congress in short sentences but u describe in detail for Modi. It shows u r against of modi and u take it personaly. you should not do these unfair things because i count u as respectable jounalist. there are many who read ur column regularly . ur this kind of partiality may misguide people. i m not with BJP Modi or congress . I m common man.
        kinly send me ur mail id
        i really want to talk with u. not for this topic but for me.

        pushpendrasinh rathod

  3. Namastejee,
    I strongly agree with above write up by Shreeman Gunvant Bhai because if it is so then all politicians, who are opposing this act of Amitabh then they should oppose The giant business leader Mr. Ratan Tata who came with Nano project in Gujarat, Mr. Mukesh Ambani who has invested lot in Gujarat and so many. Were they unaware with riot 2002? All( like CM Maharashtra) should oppose all attendees of Vibrant Gujarat Sumeet which was coined by Shri Narendra Modi. All attendees were came, though all were very well aware with riots 2002!
    I could not find word for these kind of politicians who just do oppose because only Narendra Modi is related in this issue.
    I remember the information provided by Shreeman Gunvant bhai regarding appreciation of Modijee by Mahashwetadevi. This kind of personallity would never appreciate any body if nothing is found in him (Modijee).

    All are jealous with progress of Gujarat and Modijee as well.

  4. With respect to Mr. Bachan, he is prepared to take any film or any advert or any assignment without caring for the ethical content of his assignment.

    I feel that he may be feeling insucure and is therefore prepared to take on any work that spells monetary advantage.

  5. It is very interesting to note that views expressed by Ramesh Khazanchi, 02 April 2010, in TOI and I reproduce the same here for the benefit of people like AKM ETC.

    Baroda used to have riots with regular cycle, during congress regime….but now? because the message is loud and clear….tit for tat….

    Narendra, who shares his first name with Swami Vivekananda, is accused of orchestrating a “pogrom” against a section of society which willy-nilly harboured anti-national and terrorist elements — in their midst — to the detriment of the nation. The allegation of “pogrom” against him is a misconceived notion which — by repetition ad nauseam — has assumed the dimension of a Goebbelien “truth”.

    The crux of the matter is that Narendra Modi as head of the Gujarat government prevented the so-called pogrom by nipping in the bud the further escalation of the vicious circle of violence unleashed following the Godhra train carnage. Those who unwittingly attach the opprobrium of a pogrom to Modi’s persona better ought to first know the meaning and nomenclature of the very term pogrom.

    The usage of terms such as genocide, pogrom or holocaust vis-a-vis the Gujarat riots is in the first place a misnomer and in the contextual sense an aberration of certain designer and propagandist political malcontents to dislodge Modi as an embodiment of prosperity, governance and law enforcement and national fervour.

    And this core cuts across both political and communal barriers. These obnoxious terms like pogrom and genocide only fit the description of the scale of engineered violence and annihilation that Nazi Germany witnessed before World War II. In fact, Modi prevented any such thing from happening. That is why Modi is an icon of the revered type.

    Those who accuse Modi of engineering a “pogrom” would serve their memory and conscience better if they had a peep into their “napaak daaman” (the robe that stinks of blood and gore) for their pre-meditated acts of violence during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Using the same yardstick of a distorted terminology, those (individuals, political parties or communities) who accuse Modi of a pogrom are then culpable of a “holocaust” of sorts post-1984 and “genocide” and ethnic cleansing of a particular race in Kashmir post-1990.

    The meeting of minds between two men of charisma, character, catalysis is like the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. The indomitable influence of this sui generis combination will stand the nation — and more so Gujarat — in good stead as the engine for rapid economic growth will rev up.

    The national frontiers will be safer than ever before as economic prosperity will be antecedent upon public peace, order and security. This augurs well for the nation and the doubting Thomases will prove themselves cataclysmic.

  6. Shri Gunvant bhai”s analysis on the relation of Modi and AB and its side effects is appreciable.But the basic question here is that why gujarat should feel obliged ? There is hearsay that present nexus between M and AB is sponsered by Sahara Group who is interested in the land nearby ABad.

  7. Gunvantbhai,
    Guj. Samachar na network ma tamara article vachya che. tame Amitabh ne “Mahan” chitryo hato ane ena vakhan etli had sudhi karya ke ene “sadi no Mahan Nayak” “avo to koi peda thavano nathi” ava shabdo vapri ene bhagwan banavi didho. tame shahrukhkhan, amirkha jeva actors ni ninda kari te j batave che ke tame Amitabh na vakhan etle karya ke te pote “Hindu” che ane pela musalman..tamari vat samji sakay tevi che. pan jara to vicharo ke tame je “Public Opinion” ubho karva varso thi mathaman karo chho ena keva dusparinam bhogavva padya che. ground reality samjo jara. “Kuva na Dedka ni jem na vicharo. bhai saab, gujarat thi jara agad vicharo, gujarat to duniya no ek khuno matra che..apna Gujaratio pan muslim countries ma rahe chhe, jara vicharo ke tame je vartan gujarati ma kari rahya chho evu apda gujaratio sathe tyan thase to?? jara samjo bhai have..bijani liti nani kari devathi apdi liti moti na thai jaay..aa duniya ma tamara jeva ketlaay aavya ane aavse, pan yaad rakho “parivartan” “Kranti” to ej lavi sakse jenama satya no samno karvani himmat hoy, ane je potani naat, jaat thi upar uthi vicharto hoy, vishwa purush hoy, ane jenama Anyaay same awaj uthav vani mardangi hoy,
    khotu lagyu hoy to maaf karjo, pan tamara articles ma pan ghani vaar kaik anshe “Abhadra” kahi sakay tevu me pan vanchu chhe…mate maaf karjo, karan ke tamari Ummer(Age) jota tamne vadhare taklif apvi gamti nathi, karan ke jyare potani ichchha mujab nu parivartan na ave tyare ghana “Vicharako” nirash thai jata hoy chhe, karan ke samaj ma parivartan “Vicharako” ke “Vivechako” nathi lavi sakta pan Anyaay same jhajhumta e “Virlao” lavta hoy chhe je potani jaat ni pan aahuti aapta khachkata nathi, teo AC chamber ma besi nathi vicharta pan garibo, dukhiyao, pidito ni aag ne tharta dazi jata hova chhata mardangi thi sarvasva nyochhavar karta hoy chhe..Vyakti Puja ma nathi manta..

    • samir,,,,(bhai) nam hindu k muslim khabar nathi pan agar tame muslim ho to gujarati tarike tamari bhasa ni pakad ne dad devi pade.

      biju tamari vat sachi 6 pan khoti jagya a 6. uprant tamara jeva kahevata vishlesko ne javab na j made a tamari kadach ganatri pan hase j j sachi pade 6. pan aama gunvantbhai na v4 pan janva pade.k charcha ni gadi avda pate chadhhi jay m mani tuk ma patavi didhu hase.

      to other readers…

      rahi vat AB ane M ni to bhai saab…

      a to AB na hot to biju koi hot…

      me kyak vachyu 6 k tata, ambanis are also aware with guj. riot case.
      ne AB 1 mahan insan 6 a vat nakari sakay m nathi.
      India cricket match hare to a matra 11 jan ni bhul k ochha praytna nu parinam hoi to pan aem j kaheva ma aave k ‘BHARAT’ haryu…to p6i NM a kai potana ghare lagna na git gava AB ne no’ta bolavela a to Guj no dhani kahevay aetle Gujarate j bolavela kahevay.

      ne aa samany vat ma aatlo vat nu batangad sa mate bhai…

      roj ni jindagi ma chinta ne charcha na vishay o6a 6 ? k aava vahiyat vishay par aatli mathakut?

      real ma to media javabdar 6 k loko a su vicharvu joiye te prerna banva mate…pan java do vadi pa6i gadi avda pate chali jase.

      ne gunvat shah na v4 mathi sara leva ne kharab reject karva tamne koi roki sake tem nathi.

      bund bund se sagar bharta he a vat yaad rakhvi..

      pan ha bhai shree gunvat bhai….

      aek samaj na aagevan, prernamurti tarike tamari pase j v4 ane gnan ni takat 6 tena thi

      sarva jan samuday nu bhalu thai tevu kaik lakho k aaje nahi ne kale tamara lekh vachi aakha manav samaj ni THINKING PATTERN badlai jay.

  8. Instead, whether Gandhian, Dravidian, Aryan, or natural Indian citizen, may I request resp. Gunvantbhai (reall brother in humanity not cosmetic) to guide us thru your Tahuko and pen few important guidelines how to ‘co-exist’ in plural Indian and Gujarati society with and without difference.

    Before you sharpen your valued pen, may I request to browse the pending proposal submitted to the Ministry of Education submitted by Minority Organization for establishing educational institutes in Gujarat Swarnim.

    If minority are not given space in education, there are chances of their diversion.

    Frankly, minority means Scheduled Caste, Tribes, Christians, Muslim (it is politician, academicians and bureacrates can convert parasites to main-stream elite).

    To diffuse hatred ground level of forum with and without difference will lead to peaceful co-existence for our future generation.

    J. A. Mansuri
    12/B Roshan Park Society
    PO Jivraj Park
    Ahmedabad 380 051

  9. How we could dispel environment of co-existence with and without difference by professing own religion, non-religion which might lead to healthy Indian society. Forget about being Gandhian, Aryan, Dravidian or natural citizen. Sound legacy of communal harmony is the main factor making this society run. Else are experiencing margin and suffocation.

    How do you rate if several pending proposals for establishing educational institute in this land.

    One of my nephew, artichet visited Kolkatta for educational study from CEPT and enquired to a passer-by to guide for a Muslim locality. Gentleman, replied are you coming from Gujarat.

    We could learn clockwise to depolarize our society for our future generation.

    Thanks and awaits your moderation.

    J. A. Mansuri
    12/B Roshan Park Society
    PO Jivraj park
    Ahmedabad 380 051

    • Dear Mr Mansuri,

      Polarazation on communal line is obnoxious. What happened in Gujarat was a nightmare. Hindus and Muslims are gradually learning to live in peace. Sinse 2002 March, I have met thousands of Mullas in Maderesas. I have given lectures on THE Prophet and HIS teachings in Maderesars at Kantharia and Jambuser. My experience was very nice. Mansuriji, please be sure Gujarat will overcome one day.
      Gunvant Shah

  10. Separate localities based on religion, culture etc., are in existence since ages and that is due to the fact that one prefers to stay comfortably among the people having same culture, food habits, language etc., so a Jain or vaishnav vaniks prefer to stay together due to their food habits, and so is the case with other casts and communities. Muslims were the rulers in Ahmedabad and used to enjoy special rights and have separate commune. Same is case in Baroda for Marathas or rajputs in Kathiawad. It is wrong to believe that muslims have been isolated and are not allowed to stay with other communities in Gujarat. For example in Mumbai Pydhoni and Mohmad Ali Road are Muslim populated areas while Dadar is for maratha, Ville parle is a Gujarati hindu/vanik area and Goregaon is for UP valle.

    • Dear Mr Vaidya,
      I find a lot of wisdom in what you say.I am a Hidu secularist. I have nothing against muslims.They are my brothers but being a vegetarian I would think twice before living in a muslim locality. Here my vegetarianism is the issue and not the communism. I am prepared to live in a muslim locality provided most of them are vegetarian. I have yet to find a secular activist (Hinjdu) who is prepared to live in a muslim locality. There is one noble exception and that is of Mr Rohit Prajapati.

      Gunvant Shah

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