A Special Message

Dear Bloggers,
I had never imagined that the response from you would be so over whelming. You will be glad to know that the number of hits have already crossed 30, 000 and the fame is growing by leaps and bounds. I wish to thank you for cooperation and would like to request you that you get in touch with your internet friends to visit the blog. I have taken this sweet task as my mission to spread the good thoughts of professor Gunvant Shah. I solicite your support. Thanks.
Dr Manisha Panwala


4 thoughts on “A Special Message

  1. In fact the credit shud go to you & sh. Gunvant shah & the team behind the blog.

    This shows that all r intersted ,keen and always open for reading, knowledge sharig, but due to time consrtaint some of them could not read, share the matter.

    Hence this is the best ways to stay tune / connected with each other / friends even after geological distance and time zone difference.

    Once again thx for complements.

    Kumar Dave
    PUNE — 09822969800

  2. namaskar this sunday hed good artical for chatakedar vangiothi ghi tel thi lathbath vangi o ni pareji ni salah

  3. You r doing a nice job mam. It’s very difficult to be in touch with our well wishers now days because of no time reason then in against that u r giving a chance to us to be in touch with ‘adarniya Dr. Gunvant Shah Saheb and his thoughts. I personally think that Dr. shah’s ideas give us the right ways to live and how to live.
    so again thanks for your support and activity.

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