A Special Message from Gunvant Shah

वो मेरा नाम बार बार कयु लेते है?


  मैंने तो कभी उनका जिक्र भी नहीं किया!

 Gunvant Shah


6 thoughts on “A Special Message from Gunvant Shah

  1. What is there in name.
    I admire your valued pen once suggested and advocated Nagpur idealogue & BJP for Prestorika. Do you steel maintain the same stand. Even after a main stream party is experiencing suffocation and margin in Indian Polity. In the global-economical phenomenon a co-existence with and without difference concept would take a lead and suits for development of inclusive growth.

  2. Jai Ho Jai Kanuda

    They want.
    You take there name.
    If u dont they will .u

    Give them what they want.
    U will get automatically what u want.

    Fan of u U have given so much to Gujaratis.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Read your article on response to ‘karmsheel jutthu bole?’ today in the Divya Bhaskar.

    I’m overwhelmed by the way you’ve put up the entire story. the first thing on communication skill i learnt from you is that start and end any conversation with sweetness, courtsey such that it reveals ur true behaviour. The arguments whether harsh or sour may get diluted due to this.

    Second thing i liked the most is the point wise analysis of the object of discussion. Any conversation when focused on the core issues results into a fruitful understanding of the problem which in turn gives us the direction of solution !

    You may not be a lawyer by education, but yes, i should say that you’ve shortened the skills of kamini jaiswal by merely showing a glimpse of greater understanding of the subject !!

    uptil now, i had been hearing about your intellect from my father (who is a regular reader of ur articles) and from morari bapu. Now, i’m one of ur regular readers and fan of your thought process !!

    Salutations to you !

    concluding my remarks, you re-iterate the great saying by Gautam buddha:

    sincere regards,


  4. namskar sir,
    i like to read all your artical and i alway read your artical in Sunday Bhaskar and your artical on 30/5/2010 is very interesting and than in divyabhaksar i read the artical from “kamini jaysval” and i totaly disagrre with her and i want to share my response with you so please give your Email id so that i can send u my letter’s scaned copy. also send your adress so i can post my letter to you. i also attend your lecture at v.v.nagar for GUJARATI BACHAVO YATRA.

    142, sardar nagar, at: -karamsad
    Di:- anand

  5. Hello Uncle (GS),
    Maru naam Azhar che ane hu Surat thi chu, mane ek vaat puchvani hati, Dar vakhte hame sabut kem aapvu pade ke hame pan Hidnustani che, hame a mitti mathi janm lidhu che ane ahiya`h dafan thavana che, kale etle 14 August ratre bar vage (15th August) Surat ni ek sheri ma thoda Muslim Dargah ni upar Tirango (Indian Flag) Lagavta hata ane tiyare be tan byke svar manasho aavya , e loko e emne kdihu ke natak na karo dhvaj vandan karvanu tamne haq nathi ane ena upar thi babal fati, maru question e che ke shu amne haq nathi Aazadi ujavvvani ?
    kiyar hudi amne sabuti aapi padse ke ame pan Hindustani chiye ane ame Hindustan mate marva-mari java tayyar che ? kiyar hudi amne aa badhu hambharvu padse ?

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