Karmasheel Juthu Bole ke series


Dear Bloggers,

I have put Three Articles on the blog Which has created a wave of discussions in Gujarat

First is Karmasheel Juthu bole ke published by Divya Bhasker on 23-5-2010

Second is the response given byKamini Jaiswal on 2-6-2010

and third is the Answer given by Gunvant Shah on 6-6-2010

These are for the readers to Judge and further the healthy discussion

Manisha Manish


14 thoughts on “Karmasheel Juthu Bole ke series

  1. Dear Gunvantbhai,

    I applause your response to Kamini Jayswal’s hurting comments on your article ‘Karmasheel Jhuthu Bole Ke? It is bold, barve and without trace of ego. You have echoed the sentiemnts of truth loving readers. Gujarat has been target of psuedo secularists which should be countered and exposed by all truth loving people.

    • Dear Pravin Mehta’
      I appriciate your support Gujarat should not tolerate hypocracy in the name of secularism so called.

      Gunvant Shah

    • Dear Pravin Mehta,

      I am really disappointing about your thoughts about Gujarat and favor of Narendra Modi. All world knows what type of man Modi. In 2002 he see that he was losing the election he was created the riot between Hindu & Muslims. The he was elected.

  2. Hi,

    There was “Int noh jawab patthar thi” on last sunday.

    Those all pretend to work for human rights are masked people from congress.

    So need to stop those fake activist from making our lives hell.

    I request Mr. Shah to now write on Arundhati Roy and Megha Patkar for Narmada.

    In fact, actor Amir khan should dragged in such moral court where he had given message to Narendra Modi after 2002 riots that “Unko Pyar Karna Shikhana Chahiya”.

    There are lot to write from my end too.

    Kunjan Desai
    +91 9879211660

    • Dear Kunjan Desai’
      Real activism should be free from party politica and hypocracy.

      Gunvant Shah

  3. If any definition (2010), rule, media-rhetoric / bashing, pre-judging on ‘social order’ of secular India, requires lot of self-introspection based on past social-political-administration-foreign policy experiences.

    Media could be a tool to convey.

    Indian society has all potential for harmony-state, else will be chaos. Every pen and individual should contribute sincerity. Intention to convert philosophy (religion-political) derive from its system to accommodate life parameters.

    Resp. Gunvantbhai, you previously intended for a Prestorika at Nagpur idealogue and within BJP, seems you are taking moderation time, coordinating with your pen, mentoree. Nation is of Gujarat+state, full of variety of culture, religion, poor, rich, middle class.

    Fundamentally as per Constitution, every citizen has right to live, educate. May I invite you to Juhapura to educate on the paucity, lacuna of basic infrastructure, inspite of Tax Payers and elite citizen, whereas surrounding population, areas are well infrastructured. Does it reflect on Media-rhetoric of Swarnim.

    Guptanagar, Vasna, Juhapura-Sarkhej consist of Dalit, Harijan, Muslim have all potential and need of Polytechnic, ITI to cater developing future industries. We would welcome if you inaugurate any premises facilitated by State / Central Government. Anti-cycle to development may not be answer.

    Crime-rate, Intelligence Reports and existing facilities related to Police Head Quarters of various agencies in our area has become blessings. More blessings of educatinal complex will shine out Juhapura.

    Non-focusing of administration to develop Educational facilities is a BIG QUESTION!!!

  4. Dear Gunubhai,

    it was definately a very brave effort taken from your end.
    i am born and brought up in ahmedabad and was there during godharakand and riots.

    i live in london since last 6 years, many a times non gujrati people (may not be indian) tend to tell me (not ask) about cruelty of narendra modi and people of gujrat been unfair to muslim community.

    if feels really bad that how deeply people believe what media has shown them. its very difficult to convince people that media has spread wrond message all around.

    i am fortunate that i have read your articles and that helps me to educate them that it was overstated by media.

    i am thankful to divya bhaskar for reaching us through internet. and i dont even have to pay Rs. 3 to read your artucles and i believe i owe that to you or divyabhaskar.


  5. Why such a big hue & cry over “so-called” fake encounter of terrorist / extortionist ? Even if we were to believe the claim that the encounter was fake, nobody from us in Garvi Gujarat is going to mind it, apart from some franchisees, agents, brokers & well-wishers of such anti-social elements.

    If Sohrabuddin, Tulsi Prajapati & other such goons were not killed, who knows, they could have been saved and fleed like Masood Azhar, Warren Anderson & Ottavio Quattrochi did.

    It is one thing to stand beside and to speak for such goons who were / are potential threats to the society, and it is entirely different feeling if you are a part of the family that has been severely affected by terrorist-like activities of these goons.

    “Sohrabuddin never used to provided those weapons which were found in his custody, he was only a part of the gang which was entrusted with the responsibility of safe-keeping of those weapons” writes Kaminiji. Means, he was not a terrorist but an accomplice, so whatever happened to him, shouldn’t have!!

    “Sohrabuddin ne bhumika nana-mota guna o karvani hati” Will you please care to elaborate on “nana-mota guna o”, Kaminiji?

    I totally second Gunvantji’s views on his original “Karmasheel” article and his subsequent to-the-point “Karara Jawab” to Kaminiji’s Pratibhav

  6. sir,
    thanks for” Karmasheel Juthu Bole ke series”.
    its all gujrati’s heart meassage.
    now please any one said to they all karmasheel like javed akhatar, tista setalvad, arundhati roy, megha patkar go to bhopal and done some work for bhopal’s people .they have more need to karm sheel for justice then others.

  7. Media trial giving judgment on any disparity, chaos in social, administration order which is experienced (2002) could be popular-reading for its society.

    Chaos experienced was result of absence of machinery and social pressure-system within society. However harmony demands maintenance of co-existence of all faith/s.

    However, ultimate responsibility lies with respected judiciary…..Apex Court.

    For any healthy Gujarati and Indian society, no-repeat of chaos, riots will lead to inclusive growth beyond 2010.

  8. Dear Shri Gunvant Shah, I have missed your original article Karmashilo Juthu Bole ke ? as I was in away but have followed up the rest.
    The word Secular in India has a meaning diabolically opposed to its true one. Any one who bashes Hindus and Hinduism is secular and any one engaged in defending anything related to “Muslim” is a savaya secular. Unfortunately both the communities do not realise that a handful of people have earmarked this secular estate for their personal benefits. Today every problem/issue in India is first addressed with a question “will it hurt Muslim feelings and therefore will result in loss of votes.” Narendra Modi is facing judicial probes but in free India many Chief Mainisters including those of Gujarat have never been brought to trial for communal riots which have taken place earlier in various states.
    I have not heard or read about any Muslim/ Secular Organisations/NGOs declaring that they will go to Kashmir and comvince Muslims to try and bring back Hindus in to valley. I have never seen any Muslim Organisation/NGOs trying to spread and canvass secularism in J & K.
    The easy access to modern day weaponary by bad persons,slow and grinding judicial processes,use of investigative agencies by ruling parties are some of the factors which have given birth to Encounter Culture. The Police and Law keeping forces are now afraid of the retribution, both by the persons captured by them and the ruling party going to any extent to appease minority, and therefore take the easy way out. The hardships and troubles faced by them are not seen by the Karmasheels.
    Rajiv nanavaty.

  9. Dear Shri Gunvantbhai,
    The white lies propagated by the so called secularists and karmasheels are now known to everybody. The people of Gujarat have replied them roundly and firmly by not allowing any communal riots in Gujarat since 2002. The recently concluded Rathyatra in almost 90 towns / villages without any blemish proves beyond doubt that an average Muslim and Hindu wants peace. My eyes were moist with happiness while reading that the Rathyatra was received by Muslims in their areas and they distributed Prasads. The secularists have, as usual ,maintained a deafenning silence on this occassion too.
    The basis of unrest is unemplyment and poverty. When Gujarat is ecnomically growing , the Muslims too want to share the fruits of development. That is the way it should be.
    The vested interests do not like this situation. What is the worth of Tista Setalvad and Kamini Jaiswal if there is communal harmony everywhere? The secularists will be jobless if this happens. That is why they keep on stoking the fires which are practically doused. They are doing a diservice to Muslim community.
    If they really care for minorities, they should spend money on vocational guidance for miniorities and ensure that no deseving youth is denied an opportunity just because he belongs to minority.Wounds, however deep have to heal and saddest events have to be forgotten. The ardent enemies in the eworld war II realised this in less than 40 years after the war and are today reaping the harvest of peace and development.
    Ms Jaiswal’s argument that Soharab-ud-din was only a member of the gang who were storing arms and not distributing them and he was only a minor criminal provokes laughter. When you realise that it comes from a practicing criminal lawyer of Supreme Court, you can only wonder at the subjectivity and bias hidden in to same.
    Rajiv Nanavaty.

    • Dear Rajivbhai,

      It seems to me that there is a powerful lobby of secular intellectuals in Gujarat whose vested interest lies in communal disharmony. They are responsible for keeping the muslims backwards. They do not deem it necessary to say one bitter truth to our muslim brothers. The real enemies of muslims in India are those who do not tell them that women’s education among muslims is a must. The secular intellectuals have no courage to tell our muslim brothers that burkha is the enemy no 1. The perennial backwardness of muslims is good for vote bank politics.There is one prayer that a muslim should offer : Ya Allah! Muje mere doston se bachao!

      Gunvant Shah

  10. Hello Miniben, Namaste, I am sure you would not be able to recognise me by name but we use to be neighbor at Mangal Murti Surat. Can you please send me your contact detail/email address on my email? I would like to be in touch with you again via email.

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