Message from Gunvant Shah

Dear Bloggers,

I wish to thank you for the exuberant responses I received from all directions with regard to my article ‘Karmasheel Juthu Bole Ke’.

It seems a great number of my readers have shared my concern for manipulative politics connected with so-called secularism. there are some dissenting voices and they deserve my serious attention.

I consider dissent to be a pivotal part of democratic polity.I wonder how those who disagreed with me did not touch the main point?

In no article written against my response to Ms Kamini Jaiswal mention the central point which is the lies resorted to by Tistaji.

This is something very strange. In a way that might confirm the fact that my Honourable critics do not have moral courage to defend Tistaji.

Dear Bloggers, I request you to think over the matter afresh.

Thank you once again.

Gunvant Shah


3 thoughts on “Message from Gunvant Shah

  1. In my respectful submission there are few sooth sayers who has the courage to confront the powerful and corrupt Politicians.


    India is presently in an economic position to eradicate malnutrition and lack of education.

    We are the subject of mockery by civilised nation when they see that a nation of clever people are subjected to such misgovernment and rampant corruption.

    Is there any one who can lead the struggle to bring some improvement to this sorry state of affairs?

    GUnwantbhai, you can do it.

    All the NRIs will support you if you give them a lead.

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