A Message.

Dear Bloggers,

Professor Gunvant Shah has replied to Ms Kamini Jaiswal in a logical and psychological terms. In his reply there was not an iota of ill will. However, there are some activists’ who could not digest the logic. In fact Ms Kamini Jaiswal has not defended Tistaji at all.She has not even mentioned that Tistaji’s statement were true.

Prefessor Gunvant Shah would not like to stoop to the level of so-called activist and their destructive activities. we do not use the blog for such purpose.

Manisha Manish


8 thoughts on “A Message.

  1. Dear Gunvantbhai,

    First, Tame Shohrabuddin encounterne vyajbi theravyu chhe ane tene atankvadi chitarvani prayas karyo chhe. Tamne yaad devdavu ke swayam Gujarat sarkare supreme courtma potana affidavitma Shohrabuddin encounter fake hatu a svikaryu chhe. Swayam Gujaratni CID crime branche aa sandarbhma 15 Police officerone dharpakar kari chhe.

    Aa 15 police officeroni dharpakad vakhate Gujaratni BJP sarkar chup rahi hati parantu jyare CBI a Abhay Chudasma je aa shadyantrano mukhya kavatrakhor hato tene giraftaar karyo te saathe j BJP ni sarkare potani maniti sanstha dwara samagra gujaratma postero lagavya ke “Atankwadio Gelma, Bahosh police karmio jelma” ? Maro tame sawal chhe k eke j mudda par double stand BJP kevi rite lai shake?

    Second, Tame tamara lekhma Shohrabuddin encounter no ullekh karyo parantu tene saathe tene patni Kausharbi ni je rite hatya karvama avi te ange tamaro sho abhipray chhe te janavsho? shu aa hatya yogya hati?

    Third, Tame Narendra Modi ni Rahul Gandhi saathe sarkhamni kari Narendra Modi ne unchera batavvani koshish kari chhe. Aa sandarbhama tamne janavu ke Rahul Gandhi a kyarey Chief Minister banva mate komi ramkhano karavya nathi ke nathi fake encounter karavya. Kyan Rahud Gandhi and Kya Narendra Modi.

    Please given a reply this questions.

    I am eagarly waiting for your reply.


  2. Dear Manish Manish,

    It was Dr. Shah who traversed over the art and literature and entered into the field of criminal jurisprudence for no fault of Tistaji, direct or indirect. Your bloggers have started eulogising their hriday samrat Narendra Modi by stooping to all nonsense… Has Mr. Modi promised heaven to Dr. Shah for his appeasement ??? If so, best of luck to him… We wish to hear from Dr. Shah on return of Jaswant Sinh whose book is banned in Gujarat… Book and not politics.

  3. To Munshi and A. Patrawala,
    Please let us know your views on the Godhara train burning. Do you think that it was an accident? And if not, what was the motivation of the people who burnt the train?
    Mind well, your views are going to be verified against the *absolute truth* which we know – many people were there in Godhara and other stations on the Sabarmati express’s route on that day, and so know the absolute truth! Once you reveal your views over that incident, the Gujaratis and the Indians could decide on whether your views on the resulting post-Godhara riots could be seen as not politically/religiously/anti-religiously motivated, based on the absolute truth.

    By comparing the truth to the claims by Tista and her likes have made the things clear to the Gujaratis’ minds why we must unite against Tista and her likes.

    Dr. Shah has already answered to Munshi’s question – every encounter is fake, in almost all sense! Have you really read his articles? Mumbai became free from the underworld in the late ninties just because of the encounters that the Mumbai police had to do. If you start running the cases against the Mumbai police today, they will also turned out to be ‘fake’ in terms of the Indian laws. But they were completely necessary as any Mumbaikar would agree. Similarly, the Gujaratis have the same feelings against Soharabuddin or any other criminals.

    Btw, Munshi, has Rahul Gandhi promised heaven to you? A. Patrawala, has Tista promised heaven to you?


  4. shri munshibhai


    tamaro messege vanchyo. tamne evu kone kahu ke cm banavva mare shri narendramodi e ramkhno karavya. Narendramodi varso thi rajkarna ma chhe. rahulgandhi emna praman ma child chhe. gandhi parivar ni bhakati ne karne ane emna vagar satta apne nahi male em mani ne congresvala e emne agal karya chhe.gjatat mate narendramodi saru kam kare chhe e babat vivad thi par chhe.

    secular kahevata(one sided) loko e temni chhabi kharab kari chhe. 80 anr 90 na dayka ma gujarat ma koni shahan hatu e tamen khabar hase??/ te vakhte thata hata ten karta ochha ramkhano thay chhe have. relief road and gandhi road par jara fari avi ne koi lariwala ne puchhishu to pan sacho javab malse. curfew pade varso thai gaya chhe e to badha ne khayal j chhe


    vipy sheth

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