Non-violence, Mahatma Ghandhi and Mahavira

A possibility where something other than might too can withstand might is worth considering. Such a possibility has a potential to give a new turn to the history of mankind. The secret of Mahatma Gandhi’s greatness at the global level is that he gifted a new technique of Non-violence, standing in the middle of a war-torn past and the possibility of future destruction. This is a great turning point in history.On that point stands an old man, wearing a loin cloth, both hands folded, with a toothless mouth overflowing with a magnetic smile, to whom the world called “Gandhi’ . The world can never forget the smile of the toothless mouth. The pilgrimage of the thought from Mahavir to Mahatma is the biggest asset of the mankind.In the world to shape-out,it is no use for non-violence to remain captivated in Derasar. It has got to enter into the life-style of a common man.

From the Book ; Mahavira. The Apostle Of Non- Violence


5 thoughts on “Non-violence, Mahatma Ghandhi and Mahavira

  1. Mahatma Gandhi is unparallel and real to that extent that the modern world has seen him in flesh and blood.

    His contribution was not only in non-violence in politics only but he greatly contributed in the life style of whole man kind.

    His non-violence was in production and distribution.

    His non-violence was in health and medicines.

    His non-violence was in action and reaction.

    He was all in one.

    He was more than an angle of our dream.

  2. Dear Gunvantbhai Shah

    It is the liberty of individuals to get convince or not. I had appended to what you said, that too according to my understanding.

    As for the life style of leaders of various fields of society he had introduced values to simplicity. Many had not adopted it, and made joke and fun of it is a different matter. But the attitude of the mass towards simplicity was greatly affected.

    As for production and distribution he has written at length on the network of Charakha-Sangh and Spinning. He has narrated the production through cottage industry and selling it out the product. This refers to India of my dream.

    As for the health he had tried out the water and clay therapy. He had cured many common dieses. Thereby he had recommended the same. As for the medicines like vaccination and made out of animals, he had opposed and not recommended. Off course he had left the decisions with individuals. But he was of the opinion that naturopathy is ok.
    He had also said how to bath and even how to shave at what frequency. He wrote a lot about cleanliness. This is all about health.

    Involvement of mass with awareness to perform demonstration under non-violence i.e. without showing any bitterness. On an occasion a group of people submitted black artificial flowers made of khaddar, to oppose his view on a matter. Gandhi had appreciated it.
    He stated it was the correct approach to demonstrate to oppose a view.

  3. Lord Mahavira is Gandhiji’s icon for non-violence movement…. Gandhiji’s baby-sitter was Jain so from the child-hood he was listening of Lord Mahavira’s stories….. On the later part he was also believe him truly…..

    • Dear Gaurav,

      I have written a chapter entitled ‘From Mahavir to Mahatma’ in my book on Mahavirle in. It is also availabe in english.

      Gunvant Shah

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