Gunvant Shah in Ahmedabad,28-8-2010

ગુણવંત શાહ અમદાવાદમાં
આર. આર. શેઠ કપની તરફથી શોભા ડે ના બે પુસ્તકોનો ગુણવંત શાહ ના હસ્તે લોકાર્પણ સમારંભ યોજવામાં આવ્યો છે .
પુસ્તક ના નામ છે:
૧ જીવન સાથી
૨ સ્પીડ પોસ્ટ
સ્થળ : ઠાકોર ભાઈ દેસાઈ હોલ
સમય : સાંજે ૬ વાગે
તારીખ : ૨૮-૮-૨૦૧૦


4 thoughts on “Gunvant Shah in Ahmedabad,28-8-2010

  1. this is the proper address but not ahe refel club
    you must have to mention proper address for gunvant shah’s program.
    you mention in this blog address for “man no ravivar” is “refel club no hall law garden” this type address is not in the area of law garden and in whole ahmedabad.
    yesterday i am very eager to see first time shree gunvant shah but i am very disappoint because of i cannot find this address in whole law gardwn area. i wander there 2 hour and 50 to 60 km of vehical riding but i can not find this location .
    please next time be care full i am very eager to enjoy the live lecture of shree gunvant shah.
    please reply me if i am wrong or not.
    please reply me.

  2. i was seating just b/h the man who asked u last question about yr sucsecc of mariied life@70 years. i am supporting U for having not published Gujrati Book in other langouage. My request to U to attand more and more talk show of TV on national channel and also like some national event political or Social . U should be in limelight in media like shobha dey. Gujrat hv Bharat Ratna like U will be known to nation in this way and some of yr thoughs will help to country even if u donot be political like Baba ramdevji

  3. can u put ” Man no ravivar” vyakhyan which took place at ahmedabad in orient club in august 10. that was nice many people can take advantage of it.

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