Gunvant Shah And letter by Narendra Modi to Anna

Narendra Modi writes an open letter to Anna

New Delhi: A day after Anna Hazare praised Narendra Modi for the development work the Gujarat Chief Minister had undertaken, Modi posted an open letter on his blog addressed to Anna Hazare, hailing the veteran Gandhian and anti-corruption activist.

Here’s the full text of Narendra Modi’s open letter to Anna Hazare:

My heartfelt feelings in an open letter to Annaji

Respected Annaji,

On the eighth day of fasting in the Navratri I am inspired to write to you early at 5 O’clock in the morning.

When you were sitting at fast in Delhi during that period, I too was fasting on the occasion of Navratri, the period that symbolizes the embodiment of Divine Shakti. I was pleased indeed that by the grace of Maa Jagadamba I happened to be a co-traveller in your crusade albeit indirectly.

Observing the Navratri fast and being busy in election campaigning, I was fortunate to have the darshan of Mother Kamakshi in Assam. Your fasting was in progress and naturally I did pray to Kamakshidevi about your health and I feel certain that a divine power has been kind enough to bestow her blessings on you.

Yesterday I was back from Kerala campaign to Gandhinagar at 2 am.

And it was yesterday that I got the encouraging news of your expressing kind words for Gujarat and me.

I am fortunate and grateful to get your blessings.

Respected Annaji, my respect for you is decades old. Before I entered politics I was full time RSS pracharak. At that time national leaders of the RSS who came to attend our meetings invariably discussed your rural development activities so that it could be emulated. It has tremendous impact on me. In the past I also had the good fortune of meeting you.

I and my state of Gujarat are indebted to you for the courage and conviction you showed in saying good words for me and my state. In this show of courage you exhibited commitment to truth and a soldier-like conviction. And because of this your opinion has been universally accepted.

I request you to also bless me that your praise will not make be complacent and commit mistakes.

Your blessings have given me the strength to do what is right and what is good. At the same time my responsibility has also become more. Because of your statement crores of youth would now be having great expectations and therefore even a small mistake of mine will disappoint them. Therefore I have to remain vigilant and I seek your blessings for the same.

Respected Annaji, in this delicate moment, I should say that I come from a simple family and am a common man too. In my family no one is even distantly connected to politics or remains close to power; I do not have illusions that I am a perfect individual. Like a common man I too have my own limitations; good and bad qualities.

I pray that I am always blessed by Mother Jagadamba so that bad qualities do not take possession of me. Always thinking of doing good to Gujarat, I would devote myself to the progress of Gujarat and therefore like to wipe out the tears from the face of the poor. For doing all this I pray that I am never short of your blessings, and this is my humble request.

Respected Annaji, you are a Gandhian and a soldier. Yesterday during election campaign in Kerala when I heard about your blessings for me and my state I feared that you will be subjected to vilification. A certain group inimical to -Gujarat will not let go this opportunity to malign your love, sacrifice, penance and commitment to truth. They will try to tarnish your name because you spoke well of me and my state.

As bad luck would have it this has come true. Once again this inimical forces have come to the fore. On the occasion of Navratri I pray to Maa Jagadamba that no one sullies your fair name.

You will be aware that whosoever talks good of Gujarat he or she will be subjected to the vilification campaign.

In the past a senior Muslim parliamentarian from Canoor constituency hailing from the Communist Party Shri P Abdulla Kutty was ostracized from the party following his praising of Gujarat’s development.

The superstar of this century Shri Amitabh Bachchan when he worked free for Gujarat Tourism was also attacked by this same group of inimical forces. They spread falsehoods against Bachchan so as to snap his old ties with Gujarat. At a public function in Mumbai where Bachchan was invited this group had stopped him from entering.

Also a campaign was let loose to malign the leading Gandhian of Gujarat Shri Gunavant Shah who is speaking for the atma-gaurav of Gujarat.

Maulana Ghulam Vastanavi of Gujarat who was elected as head of the Darul Uloom of Deoband was also subjected to vilification campaign when he praised the development of Gujarat. He had publicly said that Gujarat is surging ahead on the road of fast paced development, and without any religious discrimination everybody was getting the fruits of development. Soon he was silenced by undue harassment by the same forces.

Recently, Major General IS Sinha (sic) of Golden Katara division of Indian Army when he praised the development of Gujarat he too was beleaguered by the same forces and there was even a demand for disciplinary action against the major general.

These are only a few examples. But Gujarat’s real developmental journey is an anathema to this group bent upon heaping calumny on my state. Whenever the name of Gujarat is mentioned these forces immediately swing into action to spread canards and falsehoods.

Respected Annaji, Gujarat’s six crore people do not want that, the same group should sadden you.

I am still afraid that, this group will put you in trouble. May God give you strength.

I humbly bow to the sacrifices and penances you have made for the country. Let God bless you with supreme health so that many like me would be beneficiary of your guidance. This is my heartfelt prayer.


(Narendra Modi)


7 thoughts on “Gunvant Shah And letter by Narendra Modi to Anna

  1. Why don’t you advise every adult of this country to fight 1 corruption a year – like we are talking about 1 plant every year ?



  2. Here is what I wrote to Mr Modi in 2009, November and nothing has ben done>

    Gunvanbhai, Can I please use your good offices and bring this concern of all the villagers to Mr. Modi’s attention?

    My Village Degam, in Taluka Chikhli, District Navsari, Gujarart

    Degam is my ancestral village and I visit it from time to time

    My village has a problem of serious nature.

    It has been a victim of the mines which explodes day and night.

    During recent times, your Government’s Mines and Mineral Minister has given so many mining leases that about thirty quarries have sprung up surrounding Degam .

    The villagers have of course no reason to object if such mining activities are carried out within the limits laid down by the Law.

    But the mine owners, in breach of all the conceivable laws and regulations, are exploiting the mines in such a way that many old and new houses in Degam are developing the cracks on the walls and foundations.

    One can hear the ear splitting explosions every day and one can examine the conditions of poor villagers who cannot afford to strengthen the foundations of the houses to withstand the fury of the explosions…

    THe stone quarries run their machines throughout the days and nights disturbing the piece of the quiet of the villager and the shoot and dust is creating health problems..

    This has been going for past more than five years.

    Various complaints have been made and subsequently, a deputation from Gandhinagar visited Degam last year.

    They were shown the cracks in the houses in Degam.


    Can you please help?

    Yours sincerely,

    A resident of Degam now in London

  3. One likes to see many campaigns on issues that matters to their daily lives. I am afraid, Corruption is an invisible but in most cases a basic necessity for survival for the avenge and those growing up in extream poverty. We all do it and tolerate it and enjoy protests and marches provided it does not damage my own property or injure any of my relatives. On the day, I make more ‘black’ money and promote my business. It is a win win situation.
    Most people who get caught in corruption, are either foolish or stupid enough not to know whose pockets they should have been kept filling. You scratch my backa and I do yours, so ultimately, idiots and people without influence in high places are usually get caught, charged and in their desperate attempt to prove innocence help lawyers, accountants and politicians to get rich before being made bankrupt and ending in jail.
    All the political parties and politicians are in it ‘knee deep’, the smart one has people who do the dirty for them and prepared to take blames for a price, so good politicians never get caught out! It is all about mastering the art of grabbing what ever you can while making money and political power.
    The problem lies in our ‘what is in it for me’ mentality. It incubates the right kind of environment for breading and sustaining corruption in our society. It is the core fabric of the society and families. The root cause is the source that should help us setting our ‘moral values’. When our own religious leaders – from Sadhus and Gurus, all have multi- million rupees empires. For them, it seems that religion has become a commodity for politics or business. The worst part is that we in fact allowed these merchants to thrive even they do not show any fear for using God’s name to ‘control’ large number of supporters for their own purposes.
    Therefore, few words in a legislation like Loakpal Bill would not make much difference. It will be there after the next election and even a decade later. Gujarat is moving forward, because is focused on economic and other policies and not on any communal focus. And, we need to move on build a stable and peaceful society, not create chaos around us.

    • Dear Buddhadev ,
      Corruption in India MUST reduce intensively. One cannot defend the indefencible. Development can never legitimise corruption.

      Gunvant Shah

  4. Dear Sir,

    You have been seeing the blow of Moghavari to the common people of Gujarat after congress got position in Delhi. You have seen how the Delhi sarkar is doing badly by increasing rates of needful items like gas, patrol, rice, etc, But now I would say this , if Delhi sarkar will be continuing , working with that policy , it would take no longer for civilian war to take place against the system. I request you to awake the Delhi sarkar before the common people awake. Because, if once the common people awake, then there would be again bloodshed history treading on the dead body of dirty politics.

  5. માણસ નામની કોમમાં મારો જન્મ થયો તેથી હું માણસજાતનું હિત જોખમાય ત્યાં ઝનુંન્પુર્વક અવાજ ઉઠાવું છું
    From “hinchko maro param Mitra”

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