Dear Netizens,


Last montth I went through a memorable crisis of my existence. On 16th of  September, I had a heart attack  late at night . I was immediately shifted to a nearby heart institute where I underwent an engiography and an engioplasty. After that I came home for three days and went back to the institute for a By -pass surgery. It was a shattering experience to go tthrough.

Now my recovery is very fast and very consistent. I get up early and my morning walk goes on for about 30- 35 minutes. I walk about 15 minutes in the  evening to0. Life is getting normal and my family members and my readers feel relieved.

It was a great learning experience.




  1. ગુણવંતભાઈ , તમે આટલા જલ્દી સાજા થઇ ગયા છો તે જાણીને બહુ જ આનંદ થયો . ભગવાન આપને દીર્ઘાયુ અર્પે .

  2. I am thankful to god who save a great writer, real gujarati and real ideal for youth. i believe you are my guru.. have a long and healthy life sir..

  3. Thanks to Shreejibawa you are up and sound you did work hard both physically mentally and also spritually. Can’t afford to lose any more as we are already with late Bhupatbhai Vadodaria

  4. Dear Sir, May you live a very long life.. Your contribution to Gujarati Literature is significant and I love reading your “Tahuko” articles regularly. !! I pray to God for your better health.

  5. DEAR SIR.
    Namsste !!!
    I have to write & to say so much things
    Will see you later ! ! !
    wIth love & somuch respect
    Kirti pandya

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