Gunvant Shah In RAJKOT

On 15-4-2012, Sunday,9am ,Gunvant Shah would give a discourse on Bhagvan Buddha at the begining of Ram Katha by Shri Moraribapu.


3 thoughts on “Gunvant Shah In RAJKOT

  1. I like your gujarati spiritual articles. Possibly, keep mailing me in pdf copy, since do not have gujarati fonts in mobile – Haridas.

  2. Aadarniy shree gunvantbhai,
    I am proud of you.Gujarati literature is at the peak when it has authors like you.
    I liked your article dated 6th may.
    I have been fighting against an illegal temple constructed in our society for the last 3 years. unfortunately, so called religious people are supporting the builder of that temple.
    More and more articles on the said subject are required to make people aware and understand the true meaning of ‘Dharma ‘
    I salute you on your boldness.
    I am reminded of the following lines of great Hindi poet Niraj.
    ‘gar kalam na chhini gai to hindustan badalkar chhodunga.;
    Insan ko kya,bhagwan badalkar chhodunga….’
    Keep writing in abundence and serve the society.
    We are with you always.
    CA Suresh A shah

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