1. Posted by Nirav Vashi on May 22, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Respected Sir,

    I am inquiring for two of your translated books from last one month.
    > Astitva Cha Utsav
    > Shri Krishna Che Jivan Sangeet

    In most of the prominent Marathi and Gujarati stores, these books are not available including R R Sheth Publications who does not have the information on availability. It would be so kind of your goodself to provide information on above. I want to gift them to my friend who is a Marathi. I am so much sure that these books would prove to be a great lift and won’t be considered as the gift in long run.

    I also like to express my gratitude for your evergrowing contributions in the field of Cosmic Connectivity through your books, pravachan, columns and many such avenues. Mr. Rupert Sheldrake has experimented and developed a theory of Morphogenetic Field but you brought to our knowledge this perspective in a much vibrant way. Each minor or major creation of yours has a higher platform for the journey of life. Be it a ‘Kabira Khada Bajar Mein’ or ‘Vagda Ne Taras Tahuka Ni’ or ‘Rajkan Suraj Thava Ne Shamane’.

    How tricky is an economics to estimate the price of your book ‘Krushnam Sharanam Gacchami’ which is available with 19 brilliant lectures for only Rs.399! Sir, what a present it is to us!!

    The idea is not to praise you on such open forum but to say limitless “Thank You” from all of us. We also thank and greatly appreciate your family to provide us an interface with you through a wonderfully managed blog on WordPress. In other words, we thank them all to spare you with us!

    Graciously yours,
    Nirav Vashi

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