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  1. હેલો, સલામ
    વિચારોનો વૃંદાવનમાં આવ્‍યો તો ખબર પડી કે આ તો હજુ ગુલામીમાં જીવે છે !
    અરે ભાઇ ગુજરાતીમાં બ્‍લોગ પર લખોને, !
    જસ્‍ટ, જંબુસરથી, મદરેસામાંથી…..

      • Sri Gunvantbhai,


        hun upar lakhela vakyano javab nathi aapto pan tamari sathe vat karva athva tamne lakhva mate lakhu chhun.

        hun vicharona vrundavan niymit rite vachu chhun. ane ravivare purti layne pahelu tamaro lekh vachavano. khubaj maja aave chhe. lagge chhe ke koik mara dil ni vat kare chhe.

        sampradayiktani samaj mane tamari pasethi j janwa mali chhe. kadach aapna netaoe samajva jevi chhe.

        mara sallam chhe tamne

        Kishorchandra Modha

  2. hello sir,
    i am dr nilkanth bhatt from baroda.
    i am great fan of you and your books.

    recently. mumbai attack na anusandhan ma apni book kabira khada bajaar me is much more valuable to all of us.

  3. Adarniya Gunwantbhai

    Congrats on starting the bLOg which was much awaited .

    Keep on addressing us regularly


    Dharmesh Panchal


  4. Shri Gunvantbhai,
    Happy to see your blog. One time u wrote about ‘hathi gufa’ of Mount Abu in ur article. I visit it everytime when I go to Abu. Because I am a guest instructor in mountaineering institute at Mount Abu.
    Again congratulation for starting ur blog.

  5. aadarniya gunvantbhai,
    in one santence i can say about you is = you are “feather of gujarati sahitya”

    request – i wnat to meet u , for 5 minutes 0nly,
    give me an appointment , when u say i will come to u.

    yagnesh b.joshi
    98251 68401

  6. Respected Gunvantbhai,
    To day (14 jan.) is my birthday and i am remembering all the persons who are give me some guidence directly or indirectily in my life.
    i always read your articles, and get inspiration from that.
    wishing ASHIRWAD from you.
    vimal makwana

  7. Dear Gunvant Sir,

    We are really saluting to for your true effort to establish communal harmony in our society. i’m fan of your books.

    See u here.

    Thanks Sir

    Chandrakaant S.Keshrani

  8. Dear Gunvantsir

    I am Practicing Chartered Accountant in saurashtra region. I am great fan of your Thoughts. I really like one of your article in “vicharo No Vrudavan” divyabhaskar related to development. I really appreciate your slogan “GDPHDI”. I really like your concept of GDPHDP. Please keep writing this kind of Article. This kind of article is very much required to awake this society. I pray to god, u be bless with grate thinking.

    CA Gaurav Manek

  9. Respected,Gunvantbhai

    I’m great fan of your articles which published in a Divya Bhaskar & books which u have written are mind blowing thank u very much for giving us such type of great thots.

  10. Saheb,
    On my last visit to India I had an opportunity to talk to you.As I had said even today I have the same feeling, that whenever I think of the word RISHI MUNI ,it is only your picture which comes in my mind.
    We are blessed that you are among us.

  11. respected gunvantbhai, regularly i am reading your articles in diffferent gujarati news papers. i am a great fan of your golden,wonderful and inspirating THOUGHTS. i am a dentist and living in usa since last 40 yrs. i would like to have all your books. please some one send me address or place from where i can buy his golden books. you are great author your KALAM has magic touch and your thoughts are beyond our imagination. we are so fortunate having such gujarati author in this critical time where every thing is phony. my last request is i would like to visit gunvantbhai at my next trip to india during december/januray 2010. thank you . Rajni shah

  12. R/Shah saheb,

    I am reading your article in Navneet Samarpan regularly.Old and original Rander visualised in my mind and heart whenever I read as my childhood also linked with that time though I was residing at Surat.Frequently I have to go Ramnagar to purchase confessionary from sindhi locality.They are known to be nirashrit that time.Sometime I take tour of shuttle meant to cross hoppool only and mostly crossing the river on foot and taking shortcut from western end of brodge between the trees of Randeri bor in the downside khadda.Now bapunagar has replaced that paradised of my chilhood.The curse of being surat a metropolitan city prhaps.

    -M. G. Dumasia

  13. Dearest Gunvantbhai,

    Since my 15 years age till date i.e. 16 years I am reading your books but somehow last two years this link has been broken.

    Recently I am reading the Mahabharat and the books by Hindi Author Late Shri Vidyaniwas Mishra. I do not know whether you read any books by Mishraji but would like to request you to read two books :
    1. Jasuda Ke Nandan
    2. Radha Madhav Rang Rachi (Commentary on Jaydeva’s Geet-Govind)

    In one of the interview with Mishraji Ms. Pushpita asked question about his inclination towards Ram and Krishna he replied beautifully :

    Bhartiy man ko Ram ke pichhe chalne ka man karta hai Aur Krishna ko pyar karne ke liye Vivash hai.

    With regards,
    Sanjay Thaker
    M. 94284 66229
    Rajkot – Gujarat

  14. manniy shree Gunavantbhai,
    apno lekh AMBANI BHANDHU ONI GARIBAI NU RAHASYA mare joi chhe. te kyathi mali shake te janavasho to apno khub abhari thaish.mare mara will sathe te lekh jodavo chhe. ap jawab apasho to khub gamashe.

  15. Hello Sir,

    I am very happy to interact with you through this new generation technique i.e. Internet / Blog. I am regularly reading your article in Divya Bhaskar on Sunday and in Gujarat Samachar also. Once I have read about “Author / Writer and Reader Relationship”, in your article, you said that don’t go that much near to author while you are (reader) influenced by his (author’s / writer’s) article and books etc. because reality may be different. That’s why Sir I have not mentioned my name here. I like to meet you but I prefer to stay in “Pratiksha Yog”. You said once upon a time in your article that “Bhakti Nu Kharu Madhurya To Pratiksha Yog Ma Che”. I like this Pratiksha Yog so much.

    Sir, I want to know your opinion about”English Language” and Gujarat Student in 21st Centaury.


    • Dear student,

      Gunvant shah has a soft corner for students. i will pass your feeling to him. He is planning a program in near future for Gujarati language. be a good learning sutdent in life

  16. Sir,
    How manytimes your books have given me required strength and made me ready to struggk=le in USA. Emigrated to USA at much later age of my life, had to face frustrations and rejections so manytimes but your books made me ready to face it.
    I would be morethan happy to see you dduring your visit to Houston, so let me know in advance or your ciontact info.
    Thank you

  17. Dear Gunvantbhai,

    List of books have put me on nostalgic note. Even though late, I came to know about your blog. Extempo reverie started about awesome… brilliant…mind blowing(yes your work blows the mental blocks in our mind) work of yours.

    Vicharo na Vrindvan is my first reading of your work at the age of 20 (some month of 1992)… reading your work never stopped. Few droplets in Chitrlekha and Mid-day (Each Sat.) keeps me alive in mid of corporate rate race.

    Like Mobile battery charging, “Ashtitva no Utsav” keeps recharging me. I read Fritz Capra before Ashtitva and re-reading You and Capra became memorable moments of my life.

    Please keep writing and allowing us to remain motivated, passionate about practical workable actions and thoughts.

    Jai Siya Ram
    Hitesh Thakkar

  18. માનનીય ડૉ ગુણવંતભાઇ,
    રણમાં મીઠા પાણીની વીરડી સમાન તમારો બ્લોગ!
    ધન્યવાદ !

    પ્રણવ શેઠ
    સાઉદી અરેબિયા

  19. Hello sir,
    Sir hu tamaro juno chahak chu.. Hu rander ma rahu chu.. Ane olpad commerce college ma 2nd year b.com ma abhyas karu chu. Hu atyare tamari book “billo tillo touch” vanchto hato.. Tema tamaru prathmik bhartar vara vibhag ma tamaru vanchyu.. Par sir mane tamne aek vat kehta bahu j dukh thai che ke tame je schhol ma bharya hata te school have todi nakhvama aavi che. Ane tamari juni smurtio par buldojar fervi devama aavyu che. Sorry sir kai vadhare lakhai gayu hoy to mane maaf karjo.. Hu tamaro bahuj moto chahak ane friend chu.. Jyar thi hu news paper vanchto thayo chu tyarthi j tamaro chahak chu.. Ane mane mara papa ae jyare aem kahyu ke gurvan shah aapra rander na j che.. Tyare mane vahdahre kutuhal thayu hatu.. Ane hu tyar thi j tamaro bahu moto friend chu.. Sir tamari book koi website par muki hoy to plzzz mane tenu address aapjo..
    Tamaro Aapno chahak ane friends

    • Rizwanbhai

      Tamari lagani vaanchi ghano anand thayo. hu tamari lagani Gunvant bhai ne jaroor thi pahochadi daiesh. Tamni books R.R sheth ma male che, koi website par nathi. aabhar

  20. Dear Gunvantbhai,

    I last wrote on your blog May 13, 2009 and again writing to share my feelings.

    I am in job of Financial Market since last more than 7 years which supplied me with all types of experience proving all the early readings of your books describing human poorness into human relations as well as his relation with nature.

    What is more surprising to tell you is that I remember since last few weeks OUR Panchshil Padyatra during FEB.1996 (if not wrong) at Rajkot in which Morari Bapu came on last day of Padyatra. I and my friend Amish Sheth (who is now in Russia) were both attended all the acitivities from arrival till departure of Padyatra.

    Particularly, I remember your first line of lecture at the Rashtriya Shala Lecture Hall : ” Je Desh Sabdho Ane Puspo Ne Vedfi Mare Te Desh Ne Garib Rahevano Puro Adhikar Chhe. ”

    I feel Sorry to say you that due to my job I have to speak continuously resulting into wastage of precious words.

    I have with me near about 12 to 13 personal letters from you which are generally in response to some articles written by you.

    Can I Expect to hear from you ?

    With regards,
    Sanjay Thaker
    M. 94284 66229
    Rajkot – Gujarat

    • Sanjay bhai,
      it was very nostalgic to hear about your remembering the panchsheel andolan. Another such event is coming soon. I will keep it posted on the bolg and i will pass your responce to Gunvant shah

  21. Hello Gunvantkaka

    tamne vanchi ne bahu ananad thayo ,pehla to ‘Gandhi na chasma ‘ ane ‘Billo Tillo Touch’ aa pedhi ne gandhi thi vakef karva khub khub aabhar ,

    Atyar ni pedhi ni rag jannara tame ajab na karigar chho ,
    Tamara lekho e ek navi disha api chhe ,

    Tamara vicharo ne aaj ni pedhi sudhi lai java jo kai thai sake to jarur karava aatur chhu ,

    I am a software developer by profession etle ahi wordpress nu koi kam hoy to jarur janavjo ,

    Ek var malvani ichha chhe je puri thay to ghanu ,
    Tamae Baroda ma kyak raho chhho Hope to see you soon,

    Keep Shining

    • Dear hiteshbhai,

      Let me first of all thank you for your nice comment. I am trying to spread bhai’s thoughts through this blog. I need your help in telling me how do I put gujarati typed articles on the blog. the blog is not accepting some of the fonts ( ex-LMG-Arun). As regards meeting Gunvant shah, you can take his appointment and definitely meet him. I will pass your good feeling to bhai. regards,


      • Dear Manisha

        Is Whole article is not accepted by wordpress or some words are creating problems ?
        As I can see some of gujarati fonts here on the blog ,
        As all of the fonts still not supported by wordpress ,

        બિજુ કે ગુનવન્ત કાકા ને મલવાનુ થસે તો બહુ આનન્દ થસે,
        તમરો ખૂબ આભાર સાઇત ના કામ માતે વધુ પ્રયત્ન કરીશ
        પ્રનામ 🙂 Jai Shri Krishna

      • Dear Hiteshbhai,

        Actually the whole article is not accepted. I want to know which Gujarati fonts are acceptable and from where can I download the fonts.so that I can put Gujari typed material on the blog. let me know if you can find the solution. Jai Shri Krishna

      • wordpress was earlier not accepting gujarati fonts but now it should not be the prob lem if you can send some example text so that I can try at my wordpress

        if anything I can ask wordpress on your behalf ?

      • Dear Hiteshbhai,

        Actually I had an article typed in font called LMG-Arun.When I tried to put it on the blog ,it was not accepted. So I tried to find out which fonts are acceptable to word press. I came to know that fonts called Shruti may be acceptable. When I tried to download that I could not. In the mean time, I came to know about this link, I can do from this, only hitch is that it is an online thing. So I still am figuring out what to do.

  22. આદરણીય મનીષા મેડમ,

    હું આપનો ભૂતપુર્વ વિધ્યાર્થી છુ. મેં ૨૦૦૦ ની સાલમાં મેબીએ કર્યુ છે. આપ આ ઘણુ ઉત્તમ કાર્ય કરી રહ્યા છો. શાહ સાહેબના લેખો ગુજરાતીમાં પોસ્ટ કરવા માટે આ સાઇટ મદદરુપ થઈ શકશે.



    • Dear Tejal Parekh,

      Hello. It is always good to hear from students of our department. How are you ? Thanks for your good suggetion, I am trying to spread the ideas and thoughts of my father. I just came to know about this site, so i’ll use it. All the best for your life.


  23. Mananiya Dr.gunvantshah sir,

    Aapne Blog ni duniya ma joi ne ghano aanand thayo…

    Tamara Darek Lekho hu Divya bhaskar ni Ravivariya Purti ma Niyamit vachu chhu. Darek Vishayo par aapna Vicharo ghana Adbhut Ane Undi samaj Aapi Jai teva hoi chhe.

    Aapnu Ketluk Sahitya Bajar mathi Lai ne pan vachyu chhe.pan Ek vichar evo pan aave chhe ke aapnu aatlu uttam sahitya su samanya vachako ne parvadi sake evi kimmte uplabdh na thai sake ?

    Aap Aa Vaat par vichar karso evi apeksha Sah….

    Kaushik Patel

    • Priya Kaushikbhai,
      Lagni Mali. Tamara sadbhav badal abhari chhu. Tame vanchata j rahejo. Pustak ni kimmat lekhak na haath ni vaat nathi tathi khashama.

      Gunvant shah

  24. Dear Sir,

    I am reading your articles for last 6 years and I am really impressed from your essays.Thanks a lot of for your sparking thoughts.

    One year ago I read your article about “Boss in Personality nu rahasya”,I have read that article for 5 times and still I will read them.

    I am happy that I got chance to meet you at your home two years ago.

    I pray god to keep you long life and health.

    Thanks again

  25. Hello,
    How can I get some of the books by Mr Gunvant Shah here in USA? In fact I wanted to get 50 copies of Ghare Ghare Gitamrut during my last month visit to Ahemedabad but it was on back order per R. R Sheth. Please email. Thanks, Ansu





  27. hi, sir
    i think i m not an expert about this but when i read ‘sambhavami yuge yuge’ no one has made Loard Krishna so easy to understand for me. When i attended your lecture first time in Gandhi smruti bhavan i was so much so much delighted that there is a man who can write, can speak on so many subjects which effects on me like magic. I thank God that i m here to read and hear you on this beautiful earth, in Gujarat where you live. Thanks God and Thanks Dr. Shah

  28. ચાલાકી એક એવી બાબત છે જે મનુષ્યને મધુર અનુભૂતિથી વંચિત રાખે છે .
    ઝાંપામાં દાખલ થતો આદમી આખરે કોણ છે ? ઘણું ખરું તો એક અસભ્ય આદમી ઘર માં રહેતા એક અસભ્ય આદમીને મળવા જતો હોય છે . આવનાર આદમીના માથા પર એક અદ્રશ્ય ભારો હોય છે . એ પોતાના શુભ અશુભ ઈરાદાઓનો ભારો લઇને ઝાંપો ખોલતો હોય છે .ઝાંપા પાસે આવકારવા માટે આવેલો ઘરનો માણસ પણ માથે ઈરાદા ઓનો અદ્રશ્ય ભારો લઈને ઉભેલો હોય છે . આદમીની અવરજવર સાથે ઈરાદાની અવરજવર થતી જ રહે છે . બંને જણાને ‘અસભ્ય’ કહ્યા છે તેનું રહસ્ય એ છે કે બંને પાસે પોતાના ઈરાદા છુપાવવાની કળા હોય છે .નવા બનેલા મકાનોમાં consealed wiring અને consealed plumbing ની જેમ light દેખાય પણ wire ન દેખાય , પાણી પડતું દેખાય પણ pipe ન દેખાય. અસભ્ય આદમી એટલે consealed ઈરાદાનો ચાલાક માલિક, ઝાંપો વટાવીને ઘરમાં આવેલો માણસ ખુલીને વાત ન કરે . ઘરનો માલિક વાત કરે , પણ ઠલવાઈ ન જાય . બંને સ્મિત પ્રગટ કરે , પણ ઈરાદા તો અપ્રગટ જ રહી જાય . આવું બને તોય લોકો તો એમ જ કહેવાના કે એ બે જણા ‘મળ્યા’ . લોકોને ખબર નથી કે ‘મળવું’ એટલે શું ?
    બસ આવા જ રિવાજ મુજબ માણસો મળતા રહે છે. સામી વ્યક્તિને મળવું એ ખાવાના ખેલ નથી.
    સીધે સીધી(Straight forward) વાત કરનાર આ દુનિયામાં , આ અસભ્ય સમાજમાં એકલો પડી જાય છે.
    ……..ગુણવંત શાહ
    I Share this thoughts with my friends via my blog.
    Kharekhar madwa jewa manso shodhya jadta nathi
    ….Kamlesh Dalal

    • Vandaniya GUNAWANT JI
      Vandaniya KAMLESH JI

      su AAP ne mali ne,

      AAP no j
      AAP ni
      Ek TARASYO.!

  29. I was lucky enough to attend a programme at Gandhinagar and heard u for the first time.You have clarity of thoughts on every subject,sir when u speak ,u speak from heart.
    koi banavat nathi i honour you

  30. I am regular and particular in reading the articles of Dr.Gunvantbhai Shah, coming in Divya Bhaskar and chitrlekha and do appreciate His thoughts, and very clear, fearless and bold concepts, views on any subjects.
    I came across an article in Chitrlekha may be May or June 10 but do not remember much and did offer my views,thoughts on it through Chitrlekha with a copy to you but not received any reply, the article is related to mentioning’ maa bape potana santano samksh nagn thvama koij sankoch n rakhvo.
    I am looking for that article to read and contribute my thoughts.
    Ashwin Shah of Manjalpur, Vadodara, presently in Vadodara.

  31. hi, sir
    i think i m not an expert about this but when i read ‘sambhavami yuge yuge’ no one has made Loard Krishna so easy to understand for me. When i attended your lecture first time in Gandhi smruti bhavan i was so much so much delighted that there is a man who can write, can speak on so many subjects which effects on me like magic. I thank God that i m here to read and hear you on this beautiful earth, in keralawhere you live. Thanks God and Thanks pratheeksh

  32. નમસ્કાર ,

    આપ શ્રી કુશળ અંને સ્વસ્થ હશો.આપના પુસ્તકો મને ખુબજ પ્રિય છે.કૃષ્ણનું જીવન સંગીત વાંચવાની શરૂઆત કરી રહ્યો છું.

    આપના લાંબા આયુષ્ય અંને સ્વસ્ત્યા માટે પ્રભુને પ્રાર્થના .

    સુમિત બેનરજી

  33. I am a teacher but I was a principal of a small school before the influnce of Gunvant Shah Osho and Chandrakant Baxi

    Accoridntg to me the behaviour of a person is depent of what he read and which other he reads

    I resigned as a principal when I was reading Baxi and Osho I realise after reading Guntvant Shah that Speak the truth in simple language

    I want to meet Gunvantshah….Sorry I want to meet Bhai of Amisha $ Manisha Shah for five minute for a question about BetoBachavo Abhiyan …
    my question is : Why Gunvant Shah not follow the slogan “we two and ours two”
    for a son ?
    M J Dhobi 9824265303

  34. Dear Bhai of Ami
    I read letters of Gunvant Shah in new book edited by Amisha Shah.Why Dr. Shah wrote most of letters to Ami in his family ? Why Dr. Shah not nominate fo Bharatratna altho he is real Bharatratna ?

    • Dear Mahendrabhai,

      Thank you for your good words. I wrote many letters to Amisha because she was out of station for quite some time.
      Gunvant Shah

  35. dear gunvantshah
    do you think lagnasanstha is not working piease give advice to new genresition to make marrige life happy and which is the book toyou like to suggest

    • Dear Amish,
      If possible read my novel,” Rajkan suraj thave ne shamne,” published by R.R.Sheth.

      Gunvant Shah

  36. Respected
    Gunvant Shah Sir
    Happy Birthday to you
    Today you are in sanyasashram
    Tame “Maro tya suthi Jivo”

  37. શું આશારામબાપુ ને તમારા પુસ્તક વંચાવી સુધારી શકાય ?

    • Dear Mahendra,

      Vanche Gujarat is a step in a positive direction. Why should Asharam read my articles? I don’t write for persons like him.

      Gunvant Shah

  38. Thank you,
    Gunvantbhai for being in Gujarat and give the idea of love and harmony, to the new generation of the world.

  39. Hello, Mr Gunvant Shah,

    Its always great to read ur article or about ur books in C/W.
    But just doesnt like is ur soft attitude to Mr. Narendra Modi, Do u know how much their ministers are grabbing money through increasing land rates. No new young guy can become Entrepreneur, beacuse of high rate of land. And dou know excise, slaestax every wehere there is a huge corrrpution.

    Gandhiji danda marshe tamne upar jasho tyare ke khota manas no support karo cho. ka to himmat thi ene kaho ke tu derak jagya e poster boy na ban.

  40. Since 1985 i am regular reader of your article in SANDESH Daily news paper, but since 3 or 4 years back you leave Sandesh and I am helpless.

  41. Last year before, when My daughter brought few Books for Me from Vadodara,a and one of them is “MARO TYA SUDHI JIVO ” of Manisha Manish which gave me real pleasure and many tips of Life and encouraged Me to ask My friend to buy 12 books if available and got them and gifted in My circle on the eve of our return to Home country and all of them and their Family members like it very much and appreciate the gesture, and it is one of My hobby to give some Good Boos to all My Friends and family on some importenant occassions like Birth Day, Marriage Anniversary or when I fell like doing something i always contribute by giving some Book or cutting of articles of News paper or magezine..This hobby I learned from some of My Friends like Dr. Lovkumar Desai and Trambak Joshi with whom I am little close and respect them..

    • Dear Ashwinbhai,

      Indeeed very gracious of you to have written such a nice letter. thanks, please continue your yagna. This is the best charity,

      Appreciatively yours

      Gunvant shah


    We teachers from S.J.Dave Sarvajanik High School from Shahera pray to god for the better health of our favourite author Dr.Gunvant Shah sir.

    Mahendra Dhobi
    Sanjay Patel
    Amish Dave
    Rasidkhan Pathan
    Hirabhai Baria
    Rajesh Valvai
    Harmit Pargi

  43. namaste gunvantbhai,

    heart ni nani avi surgery pachi tabiyat hashe avi asha che,
    jivan ma hashya shu ochu thai gayu che?

    regards and love

  44. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I would like to talk with shri Gunvantbhai and then fix an appointment for the meeting as per his convenient time. Request you to please give contact numbers and e-mail address of Shri Gunvantbhai.

    Please reply to our this emial : info@janakdehydration.com
    Name : Ketan N. Mehta
    Tele : 022-28061113 (home) 022-28074436 (Off)
    Cell : 09821234124

    Warm Regards.
    Ketan N. Mehta

  45. sir,
    can i meet you?
    i am teacher of std 8 t0 12.my sub is gujrati and english.recently i wrote book name is ‘bakwas’. lanch at 25 march 2012.

    • Dear Gauravbhai,
      You can first contact him at his Baroda land line number:0265-2340673, to fix an appointment.


  46. શ્રી ગુણવંતભાઈ શાહ સાહેબ,

    તમે કહો છો કે જે ઘરમાં પાંચ સારા પુસ્તકો ના હોય તે ઘરમાં દીકરી લેવી કે આપવી જોખમ છે.
    સાહેબ મારા એક પ્રશ્ન નો જવાબ આપશો. :- ( બહુજ વિનંતી થી પ્રશ્ન પૂછું છું.)
    દરેક માં ઈચ્છે કે પોતાનો પુત્ર શ્રવણ બને પણ પોતાનો પતિ શ્રવણ બને તે કદાપી ઇચ્છતી
    નથી આમ કેમ

    યોગેશ શુક્લ

  47. ગુજરાતીની સાઇટ ઉપરની કોમેંટો વાંચતા લાગે છે કે પરદેશમાં વસતા લોકો ગુજરાતીમાં જ લખે છે. જ્યારે ગુજરાતમાં વસતા લોકો ગુજરાતી કોમેંટ પણ અંગ્રેજીમાં લખે છે.ઘણી વખત તેનો અર્થ પણ નથી સમજાતો.દાખલા તરીકે આ શબ્દનો અર્થ મને ઘણી મથામણ પછી સમજાયો.sampradayiktani.?દરેકને મારી વિનંતી કે ગુજરાતીમાં જ લખવાનો પ્રયત્ન કરશો તો મઝા આવશે. ગુજરાતીલેક્સીકોન.કોમ ડાઉન લોડ કરીને પ્રયાસ કરવા જેવો છે. જ્યાં સુધી માર્ગદર્શનની જરુરત પડે તેણ મેળવી સકશો તેમની પાસેથી તે પણ મફત.

  48. Gunvantkaka I am from tralsa. Mean your friend mr. Zaverkaka’s village near Bharuch . I prey to god for your good health . Padharo mare gam kaka….

  49. Dear Sir , we would like to invite you at one of our function , so request you to please give us your contact details on which we could call and contact you.
    Our contact details are as under.
    Hemalrpatel Patel : 98250 89070
    Chintan Pandya : 98250 49997

    • Dear Hemalbhai,

      You can contact Gunvantbhai on his land line no; 0265-2340673, Vadodara.Please do not call between 12 to 4 pm.



  50. HI sir i am shirish parmar. doing b.ed. recently.

    amara professors loko hamesha tamara vishe vat karta hoy 6e tethi j me pan tamara article ane books reading karvanu chalu karyu 6. tamara vicharo ek navi disha ane prerana ape 6e.

    tame je raju karo 6o te rasprad hoy 6e.
    thank you sir

  51. Dear Sir

    This is JK Pareek from Ahmedabad.. I wish to share a very exciting concept with you which will surely interest you.

    Can u please share your email id so that i can share the concept with u there.


    JK Pareek
    97277 10496

  52. Dt.09.09.2018 na roj Ras Rang ma aapno lekh vanchyo .. aam to mota bhag na lekh vanchu j chhu.. but aa lekh ma last ma tame je’ paghdi no val chhede ‘ lakho chhe tema mane vadhu ras lagyo .. karan kahu chhu … mara Pita shree SV. PUSHKAR RAY PANDYA … Amreli jilla na Rajula taluka na PIPAVAV village (NEAR PIPAVAV PORT) ma Govt.Pri.School ma Teacher tarike ghana varso sudhi hata , tya aagal Pipa Bhagat tarike Sant thayi gayela tya aagal haju Bhagvan Ranchhodray nu mandir pan chhe ( hamna lagbhag 2 varas pahela pujya moraribapu e tya aagal katha pan kareli) . tya mara pappa ni jode hu ghani var jato ne me tya school ma joyelu / vanchelu class room ma aa vakya lakhavelu ” pipa paap na kijiye to punya kiya sau baar , kisi ka kuch na lijiye to dan diya sau baar ” je mara pappa e tya lakhavelu je pipa bhagat nu aa vakya hatu , khabar nahi te aa j k tame kaho chhe te … but je mara pappa e ane me jivan ma utarelu chhe.
    AABHAR sathe .
    Yogesh PushkarRay Pandya
    Mahuva -364290

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