Dr. Gunvant Shah is going to lecture on the 16th November 2008 at the Darul Koran Madrasa in Jambusar, near Vadodara, Gujarat.
The subject : Mohammed, the Super Man.
The occasion: An awards ceremony for Muslim girls, recognizing their educational achievements.
Organized by: The Setu Family Trust.

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    • Vhala Gunvant uncle!!
      Ghana samayathi tamara lekho, pustako vanchu chhu, ane jat ne ghadi rahyo chhu. Tamara vicharoni mara vyaktitva par ghani undi asar chhe.

      Tamaro aabhari chhu, ke tame yuva pedhi ne desh ne sacha marge dori rahya chho.

      May God Bless you!!

      Take Care and stay cheerful always..

      naman sah virmu chhu..

  1. I have read ‘Krunhanu Jivan Sangeet’. Its a wonderful commentary on Bhagwat Geeta.I have still some doubts in my mind.Kindly answer my question.
    There are two incidents in Arjuna’s life in which he is entangled in ‘Maya,’ according to the Mahabharata. The first one is before teachings of Geeta to Him by Lord Krishna at Kurukshetra before the war.The second one is after his promise to Krishna, ‘Karishye vachanam tav’ when his son Abhimanyu is killed in the war, again he is in the same ‘attachments’ as he was in before the war.Lord Krishna again preaches him, again Lord Krishna cleared his doubts.Krishna brings him to a place where Abhimanyu has his new incarnation of a parrot.The parrot ( Abhimanyu )refuses even to give due respect as a father and also refuses to accept him as his father.
    Why does Arjun forget all teachings of Geeta? What is the meaning of such Knowledge which can not remind a person like Arjun who is very closed and beloved to the God? or is there any metaphorical implieses in this events? Please share your thoughts with me. Thank you.

    • Dear Chetan,

      I wonder whether your question can be answered by me. it requiers a dialouge.

      Gunvant Shah

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am Harish and working as production manager in micro inks at vapi.I am regular reader of your book, artical since 20 yrs.I have small librarary and most of your book i have.sir, you have conducted ” panchshil relly ” from sabarmati to Dandi in 1994 .I was joined relly between amalsad to Bilimora.I have heard to first time in amalsad when you hold at amalsad.I think you are a great ” vakta “.sir, i want to meet you personally.

    • Hello! Sir,
      Today whatever I am is due to You and Swami Sachidanand. I am always inspired by your thought. I am 41 years old and I want another 40 years company with you.

    • Dear Harish,

      You are welcome to meet me after appointment. I remember Amalsad public meeting very well. Thanks.

      Gunvant Shah

  3. hi sir,

    i most like ur “Manavta Nu Mahakavya · Ramayan : ” but its not for online read… so pls put it online… its your most popular book…..

    • You should buy / borrow such books if you want really have passion for Books.

      This is one of the reasons we are getting away from books and our culture (Online…..).

      Sanskar and Bhantar online nathi maltu ene pamva athag prayatno karva pade….

    • Dear Kushali,

      It is not possible to put this book online. The publisher may not agree. Jai Sia Ram

      Gunvant Shah

    • Dear Ms. Khushali, thanks for your request.
      We are soon coming up with e-book edition of all books by Gunvant Shah, then you’ll be able to read on your computer, latptop, tablet or on smart phone.

      Sales Department
      R R Sheth & Co Pvt Ltd

  4. Namstay,

    I found that you have studied Krishna vary deep.

    I am doing research on Sudarshan Chakra as a source of Energy against fosil fule or Nucliar.

    this is possible to offer to world at large by the Hindu community, but none of the institute of repute like iit, prl, iis, drdo etc.. doing research… and present science considers it as impossible as they belived Plane–Pushpak.

    Can you be helpful to bring awareness and break the nut shell.


    • Really

      Topic is really too good & different for me unbelievable

      I am always reading good topic from I am very much sure that they will support in this research.

      Please look at this site.


      Jatin Tailor

  5. Namaste Pareshji,
    You have to study “Dhanur Veda”. Then only you may clearly know about ancient weapons. This Upa Veda deals with such matters. It is available in Hindi written by a Vedic scholar before about 10 years. You may also refer Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s “Rigvedadibhashyabhumika”. I quote below a para from Dayananda’s Satyarth-Prakash, which I hope you will find interesting:


    Question: Is it true that the ancients knew the use of fire-arms, such as Agneyastra, about which we read in ancient Sanskrit literature. Were cannons and muskets known to the ancients or not?

    Answer: Yes, it is true. Guns and like fire-arms were used in ancient times. The Agneyastra and the like weapons can be manufactured by the application of scientific principles.

    Question: Were they brought into existence through magical formulae sanctified by the Gods?

    Answer: No, the methods of manufacturing these weapons were evolved as the result of deep thought (mantra). But mere pronouncing of mantra, which is nothing but a collections of words, cannot produce and substance. Were any one to say that the chanting of a mantra (or a hymn) can produce fire, he may be asked as to why it should not burn the throat and tongue of the person who recites it. How funny that a person should burn himself to death while meditating the death of his enemy. A mantra literally means the power of thought, hence Raja mantri, from Raja- state, and mantri – one who thinks, is one who thinks over the affairs of a State and is the King’s adviser.
    Thus, men after deep study acquire a knowledge of the laws of nature, and by the proper application thereof make many discoveries in the domain of art and invented machines. As for instance, if an iron arrow or a ball be filled with such substances as when ignited will produce smoke, which by coming in contact with air or the rays of the sun will catch fire, he will have invented an Agneyastra. The fire opened by it will fail of its effect, if the commander of the opposing army discharges a Varunastra which is made of such materials whose smoke is converted into a cloud.

    Likewise, there existed in ancient times other weapons of war, such as Vaagaphansa – which when discharged against an enemy paralyzed his limbs – and Mohanastra – which was charged with such narcotic substances whose smoke could cause stupefaction of the soldiers of the enemy -, and Pashupatashtra – another kind of Agnevastra, in which electricity produced from a wire, glass or some other substance was employed to kill one’s enemy.
    As regards the words Top (cannon) and Bandook (muskets) they belong to a foreign language and not to Sanskrit or to any of the Indian Vernaculars allied to it. Now what called a Top (cannon) by the foreigners, is spoken of as Shatagahni (literally that which kills hundreds at a time) and bandook (musket), Bhushundi in Sanskrit and Arya Bhaashaa (one of the most widely spoken Indian Vernaculars). Hose who are unacquainted with the Sanskrit literature write and say all sorts of nonsense. Their writings can never be considered as authentic by the learned.

    (Ref: The Light of Truth, chapter 11)

    = Bhavesh Merja

  6. Honoureable Gunavantbhai Shah
    Thank you very much for caring about Lt Pankajbhai Trivedi in your artical.

    Dr Vijay mehta who is father of Mr Parag Mehat who is team member of Prisidant Baraka Obama

    He run the web site you can see swadhyay news at this website by click Swadhyay untold story. He publish your artical by following web-link

    Best Regards
    Vinoo Sachania

  7. Respected Gunyantbhai,

    Namaskar, I am reading your book ‘Mahamanav Mahavir’. It is really a wonderful book. Certain chapters are to be noted down e.g. Vishvashantini Vyuha rachana, Syadvada and Dehadaman, Mahavirthi Mahatma Gandhi Sudhi’, Ecological audit. Being a non-jain you have really enlightened Jainism in modern context. I have bought two books for my centre i.e. K.J. Somaiya Centre for Studies in Jainism.
    We are carrying out a research project on Saman – Suttam. In prologue of your book Sri. Ramanlal Shah has said that you have derived the source from Samana Suttam. Is it possible for you to guide us in our research Project on Saman- Suttam ? which commentaries we should gather? May be your Respected Shelachandra Vijayaji may direct us to some books.
    In this context, let me tell you that my latest book on ‘Ahimsa: From Mahavir to Mahatma’ has been published by Gandhi Smruti and Darshan Samiti, Delhi in Dec. 2008. The price is Rs. 225/- (Two hundred and twenty five only)
    I am sorry that I dial not read your this book before publishing my book on ‘Ahimsa from Mahavir to Mahatma’ otherwise I would certainly have mentioned it in my reference.
    I also read your articles on ‘Jai Bhanini Jatra’ in Samarpan as well as your ‘Cardiogram’ in Chitrelakha nowadays.
    Thanking you.

    • Dear Gitaben,

      I wish to thank you for your kind words. I would request you to be in touch with Muni Sheelchandra who is suppose to be near Amdavad these days. My regards to Subhashbhai. Thanks

      Gunvant shah

  8. Sir,
    I want to contact Mr. Gunvant Shah. Will you be please kind enough to send me his e-mail address or physical address.
    Jayant Patel

    • Dear Jayaentbhai,

      I do not have an E-mail Id. My address is 139, Vinayak Society, JP Road Baroda

      Gunvant Shah

      • Dear Gunvant Bhai,

        We have made one video to promote vernacular schools.
        I would love to share it with you and know your views on this.
        Link for video is

        I have listened video of Palanpur Sabha of Gathering Respect in Mother tongue on youtube but it was not quite clear. Please let me know if CD/DVD available for that.

        We also want to share some thoughts about Vernacular schools. We currently making one more video with more detailed explanation and examples.

        I would love to have your reply.

        Mihir Sanghavi na Pranam.

  9. Dear Reader of Tahuko

    The above comment does not put by my self, but somebody use my name. I did police complaint by e-mail It must be from Swadhyay and Didi’s supporters from UK. If you wish to do complaint please does it with my e-mail reference (this).

    Honourable Gunvantbhai Shah criticised Didi and swadhyay. Mr Bharat Patel and Manjibhai kerai were Motabhai of Swadhyay but they left swadhyay when they realise Swadhyay’s SINS. After the Lt Pankajbhai Trivedi murder world knows about Swadhyay’s crimes by electronic media, TV, newspapers, Emails and Log on and click swadhyay untold story.

    The above web-site run by Dr. Vijay Mehta. He is a board certified surgeon and chief or General – Thoracic & Vascular surgery at Central Texas Veterans Health Care Systems in Temple TX. He is Asst Professor of Surgery at the Texas A & M Health Science Center. Dr. Mehta has served on the admission committee for past fifteen years.

    Now you can understand why they put this type bad e-mail and use my name.

    I am salute to Lt Pankajbhai Trivedi, Gunavantbhai Shah, Vijaybhai Mehta, Bharat Patel, Manji Kerai and many of people who do not become silance against the Swadhyay’s Crimes

    Do not silance against the Crime.

    Vinoo Sachania

  10. Shri Gunvantbhai,
    I enjoy your articles regularly
    I am at Baroda and visited you couple of times
    I find many many Gujaratis praising yr articles almost every day but they have no habit to record feed back thru, such blogs.

    Attention to our in-attention is also an attention

    Have a nice day….Sir….!!

    • Dear Mahendrabhai,

      I don’t remember your visit but htis is the way of meeting without actually meeting.Isnt’ it nice ?
      Gunvant Shah





  12. Dear Gunvantbhai,

    I read and preserved your article published in Divyabhaskar 29th Nov.,2009- Sunday on “The peter Principle”

    Can you send soft copy of this article on my email ID?

    This is really excellent article and I am going to read the book itself.

  13. Have you ever considered adding more videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good but since I’m more of a visual learner,I found that to be more helpful well let me know how it turns out. This is good…thanks for sharing

    • Dear Shane,

      I appreciate your suggestion. I am helpless so far as technicalities is concerned. your suggestion is well taken. Thanks

      Gunvant Shah

  14. Resp.Gunvantbhai,
    Wish you many many happy returns of the day.Jui & Bhavna join me in greeting you.Warm regards to Avantikaben.We are reading “Shabde shabde setubandh” & are privileged to have our letter in it….once again wishing u happy healthy and long life…..warm regards….Dr. rashmi shah..bhuj..

    • Dear Rashmibhai, Bhavna and Jui,

      many friends have liked the letter I wrote on your marriage day. The message can guide many other couples who are in a habbit of destroying the element of love and preserving the element of rituality. with love

      Gunvant Shah

  15. It is proud of Gujarat That after Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel,Morarji Desai….Kanaiyalal Munshi,Swami Anand, Meghani,Umashankar…. It is good luck for me to have great inspirative personalities like Gunvantbhai , Moraribapu ,Narendra Modi & Swami Sachidanand

  16. Dear Gordhanbhai,
    I am not too delighted by your compliments. I have miles to go before I leave this world. Thanks

    Gunvany Shah

  17. Respected Gunvantbhai,


    Myself is Swami Satya Darshan (Mahesh Goswami) from Bhuj – Kachchh. We – Friends of Osho – Kachchh recently released spritual hindi movie “OSHO : Mahasagar Ki Pukar”. We want to give you this DVD as Gift. Kindly send your Address, so that we can be able to send it by post or courier. We respect you and we know very well that you are the right person, who can watch this movie with love and neutral approach.

    Thanks. With Love.

    Swami Satya Darshan

    • Dear Swamiji,

      So nice of you. Please don’t send the DVD. I have very different schedule these days. So gracious of you to have made the offer.

      Gunvant Shah

  18. Respected Gunvantbhai,

    Thank you for your prompt reply, you may be busy in different schedule at present. The humble idea is to send the spiritual DVD to you is only for receive valuable suggestions from you for this spiritual creation. Anyway, Thanks a lot. We love you, respect you. Best wishes for your good health.

    Swami Satya Darshan & All Friends of Osho – Kachchh

  19. Namaskar,

    Hu Vadher Ram Junagadh Jillana Gadu (Sherbaug) gaamno vatni chhu ane jyarthi amare tya “Divya Bhaskar” ni ravivarni purti Rasrang (now Sunday) vaanchu chhu.Haal hu Bhuj khaate K.S.K.V Kutch University na Angreli Vibhag ma anusnatak ni padvi maate bhani rahyo chhu ane vyavasaye sikshak chhu.

    aapna ek khaas lekh antargat aapne a janavvanu k tamo a ravivaar ni ek purti ma manav ni ghoda saathe sarkhamni kari aajno maanas ghoda ni jem satat bhagto rahe chhe tevu jalavel. Jema ek jagya a aap shree a am kahelu k “Ghoda no interview levanuj baaki rahyu chhe” Aa babte hu apne ek khaas pustak vaanchvani bhalaman karva ichchhu chhu. George Annwell nu pustak “Black Beaty” kharekhar ma pranio par lakhayel pustako ma shreshth chhe.Aasha raakhu chhu aap shri aa babat par dhyan aapso, aamchhata nnana modhe moti vaat kahevani hoy to dargujar karso. Jay Hind,,jay jay Garvi gujarat..
    Vadher Ram.K
    92271 81988

  20. It is a good site of Gunvantji. Updation if faster will be good for fans. Gunvantji’s future program can be included so that one who is nearby on that day can have something from him.

  21. sri gunwantbhai

    I am searching your book SHREE KRISHNA NU JEEVAN SANGEET (GUJARATI) since last one month. My spiritual guru asked me to read this book & he has read your book more then 70 times and he respect u a lot. He has given this book to some one two years back and finally the book is misplaced.

    Sir please inform from where i will get this book at kokkata. And if the same not available in kolkata then inform the name of publisher so that i can arrange accrdingly.


    3 S.R.Das road
    3rd floor
    Flat 3B
    KOLKATA 700026
    (M) 0983100 6066

    • Dear Rajubhai,
      Gunvant shah’s book are published by R.R.sheth publishers. They have their shops all over the country. But if you get in touch with them they can also send you by post.Their phone number is 079-25506573
      and is and e-mail is
      Now it should not be a problem to get the book. Thank you.


  22. Sir, Your mock trial in the year 1980 at Surat for ” RAJKAN SURAJ THAVANE SHAMNE” revives in my mind after I have gone through the article about live-in relationship. Bhagvatikumar Sharma, Raman Pathak, Ravindra Parekh…many had given testimonies. ” Reading of the novel had created so much heat in my head that I could prepare two cup of tea by putting utensil on my head” one of the witness had testified.. However, the Supreme Court has not endorsed the views of S. Khushboo. ” In order to decide this case, it will not be proper for us to either condemn or endorse the views expressed by the appellant.” SC has clarified in the para 12 of the judgement. Khushboo stated ” According to me, sex is not only concerned with body; but also concerned with the conscious. I could not understand matters such as changing boyfriends every week. When a girl is committed to her boyfriend, she can tell her parents and go out with him. When their daughter is having a serious relationship, the parents should allow the same. Our society should come out of the thinking that at the time of the marriage, the girls should be with virginity. None of the educated men, will expect that the girl whom they are marrying should be with virginity. But when having sexual relationship the girls should protect themselves from conceiving and getting venereal diseases. ” The SC has merely found that Khushboo has not committed any statutory offence. ” Dissemination of news and views for popular consumption is permissible under our constitutional scheme. The different views are allowed to be expressed by the proponents and opponents. A culture of responsible reading is to be inculcated amongst the prudent readers. Morality and criminality are far from being co-extensive. An expression of opinion in favour of non-dogmatic and non-conventional morality has to be tolerated as the same can not be a ground to penalize the author.” SC has observed in para 30.
    You, too, were acquitted, by the moot court judge, with punishment to write more such novel, sir!

  23. आपका तारीख २७/०६/२०१० दिव्य भाष्कर का लेख पढ़ा ठीक नहीं लगा,आप गाँधीवादी गाँधी को दुनिया का महान नेता मानते है जैसे के दुनिया में गाँधी के आलावा अन्य कोई नेता पैदा ही नहीं हुआ है.जिस तरह आप का नेता गाँधी है.ऐसी तरह हमारे नेता लेनिन है ये हम लोगो की विचारधारा है हमारा नेता माओ है. ये भी हमारी विचारधारा है.और हमारा नेता स्टेलिन ट्रोतोसकी या फिर स्टेलिन है.मुस्तफा कमल पासा है लेकिन ये सब लोग गाँधी की तरह उद्योगपति के दलाल नहीं तो जो अंग्रेजो के साथ बैठ कर व्यापर करने वाले नहीं है.ये सब दुनिया के महान नेता थे अगर कोई यूरोप में गाँधी विचारधारा को बिलीव करता है तो आप लोग गला फाड़ के बोलते है के गाँधी विचारधारा वैश्विक है और कोई भारत में माओ स्टेलिन या लेनिन की विचारधारा को फोलो करता है तो साम्यवाद का पिठू कहते है शर्म अति है मुझे आप जैसे लोग ऐसा लिखते है तब दुनिया के कोई भी कोने में महा पुरुष जन्म लेता है और उनके अच्छे विचार को फोलो करना कोई बुरी बात नहीं है इस लिए मार्क्सवाद और साम्यवाद को गली देकर गुजरात की भोली और राजनैतिक विचारधारा ने ज्यादा ज्ञान नहीं रखने वाली जनता को कम से कम उल्लू बनाने का कम न करे ऐशी मेरी आप से विनती है सब की अपनी एक विचारधारा है और कोई विचार समय के साथ बदलता रहता है कायम नहीं विचार हमेशा परिवर्तनशील है.और साम्यवादी आप जैसे पूंजीवादी की तरह किसी का खून सुच ने वाले नहीं है पर खून सुचने वाले शोषण खोर लोगो का खून करने वाले है ताकि ये खून सुचना बंध करे शायद में एक किसान का बेटा हूँ और में आपनी गे का खून सुचने वाली मक्खी ( बगाई ) और इतड़ी का खून करना ठीक समजता हूँ और उन में पाप भी नहीं है

    • Dear Rajubhai,

      I appreciate your opinion.Let us agree to disagree without being disagreeable unlike Stalin and Mao, Ghandhi wouldn’t have killed you just because you hold a different ‘vichardhara’.
      Best of Luck.

  24. Dear Gunvantbhai ,

    I liked the article, dharm, adharm ane aapaddharm, in Divya bhaskar today ,

    Incidently in the last 2-3 days , C.B.I. has included the Hon. Home minister as one of the accuse, I firmly believe that C.B.I. is working like agent of central government , and this also shows the contradictory behaviour of congress and PC ( central home minister ).
    they will do everything to justify the killing of maoist Azad but will do dozens of inquiries in encounter of a terrorist like shohrabuddin .

    Don’t you think that the time OF APADDHARM has arrived, now NA.MO., the council of ministers of gujarat govt. and the 55 million gujarati’s to WAKE UP AND INFORM THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT TO STOP THIS DIRTY POLITICS.

    would like to know your views about this

  25. Shri Gunvantbhai ,

    I am looking for your article in the Divy Bhasker ” Man thi makkam rahie , Aagal vadhie vadhta rahie ” . from where I can get it ?

    Thanks, & Regards,


  26. I am reading you(Gunvant shah), Chadrakant Bakshi and Swami Sachchidanand since 90s when I was teenager.

    Now as I enter my 30s, Obviously I have my own thinking and opinion which is semetime different or opposite of yours. Sometime I do feel that you have started becoming bias, but that is not important.

    Important is – that you (ofcourse there are others, also) have contributed to development of my own thinking process and I thank you for that.

  27. I’m lakhdhirsinh dodiya, 22 years rajput young blood
    In very short time i m going to join Police department and thanking U for expanding my views concern with truth and

  28. manishaji, are there any gunvant bhai’s lecture cds apart from paryushan vyakyan mala ? if yes, where will they be available in mumbai. One reqest pls record Gunvant bhai’s lectures, they are very very precious for us…… pls pls make them available to common public like me……. i am just dieing to here him more and more

  29. Dear manishaji

    Any update about correct phone number ? or personal visit ? we dont want to missed invite. Appreciate your earliest reply.


    Hardik Trivedi
    94280 17695

    • Dear Hardikbhai,
      The number i gave was for Baroda Land line.
      You can talk before 11 am or after 4pm. I will also convey your message. Sorry for the delay in replying.

    • Dear kalpana,

      His contact number is 0265-2340673, Baroda. You can call him during evening hours from 4pm to 8pm.

  30. Hi. sir. tamaro badko valo artikal vachyo ane khub anand thayo ane ae parthi maro maro 2 (secound) rank aayo 6e thanks a lot sir and mai aap se milna chahta hu muje aap ka address do na sir

  31. aaj na suraj ni sauthi sari kiran sathe very very very good morning Sir. . . . . . . . ane hu 10 ma 6u to mara mate sauthi sari book kai tamari je mare aa age. ma vachvi joye i am 17 years old now. please halp me

  32. sir i am a regular reader of your book and articles right from childhood. first time i saw you at teacher^s summit at vadatal in2009. KRISHNA NU JIVAN SANGEET which you wrote in chikago has changed my life

  33. Sir, Aapane mara bhavpurna Namaskar. You are such a great writer after Chandrakant Bakshi. Both you are great at your place. I like your thoughts about secularism and non-secularism. I hope you will serve the people of Gujarat by providing them high thoughts. May god give you a very long & healthy life.

  34. Hello Sir.
    i can see that you haven’t got chance to reply these comments from past 6 moths. I am sure your activities are keeping you busy big time. Few days back I came to know via news paper that you are not well and in hospital. Get well Soon and take enough rest.
    I am in USA from past 8 years and still I don’t miss your single article.

  35. dear sir i regular read your articles in divyabhaskar and gujrat samachar also read your book KRUSHANANU JIVAN SANGIT very nice i am veryglad to read every page of this book about 4 times read and when i free i again read it .LORD KRISHANA GIVES YOU LONG LIFE FOR US AND THIS WORLD FAMILY Sutariya Dinesh .U. Surat

  36. Dear Sir,

    I am Ritesh shah, from surat, I have recently read your goodslef book ie ‘MARO TYA SUDHI JIVO’ i read this after my mother died( she died due to cancer) but this book has change me, and book is with me and its guiding me like my mother. thanks sir i dont know how i praise or thanks, giveing my mother back,

  37. dear sir tamara articles vanchu j 6u.tenathi maru vyaktitv ghanu ghadayu ghanu badhu jate vicharta sikhi tyare jivan ma amuk problem no samno karwano awe tyare hu achuk tamne ane ashwini bhatt uncle ne yad karu j 6u.pan mare tamara marg darshan ni ghani jarur 6.i want to meet u one time and take solutions of my lyf from u…………palak maheta

  38. Hello sir,
    I read your articles and in one article you had mention the name of the book MAHABHARAT : EK AADHUNIK DRASTIKON by buddhdev basu
    I want to purchase this book. So, please tell me from where i can purchase this book..
    I am from Ahmedabad.

    Please replay ASAP

  39. Dear Manishaben,

    This is Brijesh Gandhi.I live in Surat and we have met many times in Surat mostly at Book Smart, book shop. At present I am in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    Yesterday upon visiting this blog, I came to know about ” Gunvant Bhai is now working on MAHABHARAT”. I am so delight to read it, because from last 4-5 month a “Thoght” was wondering in my mind that As Gunvantbhai has given a very valuable book on “RAMAYAN ” then why not he will work on “MAHABHARAT”.

    My wish will be fulfill soon.

    By the way when will the book get published ?

    My best wishes are with Gunvantbhai for good health. SIr please take care.


    Brijesh Gandhi

  40. આદરણીય શ્રી ,

    આપની કોલમ ‘વિચારો ના વૃંદાવન ‘ હું નિયમિત વાંચું છું મને ખુબ જ ગમે છે
    આપ ના હર લેખ ની અંદર ગહન ચિંતન અને પારદર્શિતા જોઈ હું ખુબ પ્રભાવિત છું
    બીજું કે આપ ને હું રૂબરૂ મળેલો પણ છું …

    આપ ૨૦૦૨ માં મહુવા પુ.બાપુ ના કાર્યક્રમ માં આવેલા ત્યારે હોટલ હેવન નામ ની હોટલ માં રોકાયેલા ત્યારે હું ત્યાં જોબ કરતો હતો મેં જ રજીસ્ટર માં આપ નું ચેક ઇન કરાવેલું ,
    ને આપ ના હસ્તાક્ષર મેળવેલા આપ ને જો યાદ હોય તો …
    મને વાંચન નો ખુબ જ શોખ છે અને હમણાં થોડું થોડું લખવાનું પણ શરુ કર્યું છે ,
    હિંદુ-મુસ્લિમ સંપ્રદાય ની માટે મેં એક નાની શી ગઝલ લખી છે , જે અહી રજુ કરું છું ..

    હિંદુ કહો મુસલમાન કહો ,
    વહેતા લોહીનો રંગ એક છે ..!!

    પ્રાર્થના કહો યા કહો બંદગી ,
    ઈશ્વર ખુદા માલિક એક છે ..!!

    અંતિમ સંસ્કાર કે દફનવિધિ ,
    ભળે છે જેમાં એ માટી એક છે ..!!

    ઝભ્ભો ધોતી યા પહેરો પઠાણી ,
    બને જેથી એ કપાસ એક છે ..!!

    ધર્મ-નિરપેક્ષતા એ વળી શું ?
    ‘શ્રાવણ’ અવ્વલ મંઝીલ એક છે ..!!


    આશા છે કે આપ ને પસંદ આવશે , અગર આપ તેનો સમાવેશ આપ ના લેખ માં કરશો તો મને રાજીપો થશે ..

    આભાર ,
    આપનો વિશ્વાસુ ,
    યોગેશ પી.પંડ્યા “શ્રાવણ”
    મહુવા-૩૬૪૨૯૦ જી-ભાવનગર

  41. Dr gunvantbhai shah saheb
    when I read your articles I feel proud of being gujarati. I m too small to appreciate your work bt u r doing
    wonderful work and guiding youth of nation. Recently I read your book E is too good.


    Nimal Kaka

  42. વ્હાલા ગુરુજી ,
    આપની વાતો અને વિચારસરણી અદભૂત છે. હું ઘણા વર્ષો થી આપના લેખ સમાચારપત્રો માં વાંચતો આવ્યો છું. આપના ઘણા પુસ્તકો મારી નાનકડાં ગ્રંથાલય માં છે અને હું દરેક પુસ્તક ને બે થી ત્રણવાર વાંચી ચુક્યો છું. આપ ના લેખ મનન કરવા મજબુર કરે છે. ખરેખર જુવો તો આના થી વધારે પુણ્ય નું કામ બીજું કઈ જ નથી.આપ ના વિચારો , લેખ આત્મા ને ઢંઢોળે છે અને મન તરબતર થઇ જાય છે.
    આપ ની સાથે મુલાકાત કરવા નું સૌભાગ્ય મારા ભાગ્ય માં હશે તો એ મારા જીવન ની ખુશનસીબ ક્ષણ હશે .
    આજે દિવ્યભાસ્કર (09/11/2014) માં પ્રગટ થયેલા આપ ના લેખ સાથે હું એકદમ સહમત છું. લેખ ના અંત માં આપે વજનદાર પ્રશ્ન પૂછવાની કોઈ જ જરૂર ના હતી. આપે જે હિંદુ ની વૈચારિક ઉદારતા ની વાત કરી પ્રશંશા કરવાની કોશિશ કરી છે એની જરૂર જ ના હતી. મારા વિચારે અ વાત દ્વારા પણ આડકતરી રીતે આપ હિંદુ ઓ પર કટાક્ષ કરવા જ માંગતા હશો. હજી પણ આપની મોટા ભાગની હિંદુ પ્રજા મન ના દરવાજા બંધ કરી જ બેઠી છે અને આપ જેવા વિચારવંત સંતો ઉપર આ જવાબદારી છે કે આપની પ્રજા ને આમાં થી બહાર કાઢવી કોઈ પણ રીતે।
    બીજું ખાસ તો અ જણાવવાનું કે આપ ના લેખ સાથે જે garaphical illustration હોય છે એ પણ કમાલ ના હોય છે.
    આપ ને બીજી એક વિંનતી કે હમણાં એક ગુજરાતી movie “બે યાર” ચાલી રહ્યું છે કે જે ખરેખર એક નવી જ વિચારસરણી સાથે રજુ થયું છે. તો આશા રાખું કે એના વિશે આપ ના આવનારા કોઈક લેખ માં આપ થોડું ચિંતન રજુ કરશો।
    મારા વિશે થોડી માહિતી આપું તો હું engineer છું અને હાલ માં ભારત ની largest power generation company માં કાર્યરત છું.
    સાદર પ્રણામ

  43. gunvant dada
    hu jyare 7mu bhanto tyarthi tamari kolam no vachak rhyo chu ane zindgima mane ghanu janva pan malyi che emanthi.
    narenmdra modi saheb PM tarikena sapth leva ni purva sandhya aa baroda ma tamone live sambhalvano lahavo malelo khubh informative sanj hati mara maate te ..abhar ,,

  44. Dear Sir
    Excellent article was published in Divya bhaskar on 3rd Dec
    (Rasrang) in front page.
    – vicharo naa vrundavan maa

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