the stone flower

A little away from Mysore, the Kaveri flows through lovely rocks and trees. Birds from all over the globe migrate here. A migratory bird from China comes here, lays eggs and when the baby-birds grow up,it flies away. This bird sits still on the rock for hours together as if in meditation. It has an interesting name – Stone Flower.

Perhaps every man is like a stone flower. His existence consist of three things:

1. Stone-ness

2. Flower-ness

3. Bird-ness

Stone-ness is represented by materialism, money-mindedness, greed and the profit motive, i.e. an attitude fixed upon the mundane.

Flower-ness is the blooming of one’s self and it implies ‘self-actualization’,the term coined by Abraham Maslow.

Bird-ness inspires the flight to reach the Supreme Being without beginning or end.

Raj-yoga is the tranformation of the Stone-ness within us, into the Flower-ness and the Bird-ness.

– An extract from Dr. Gunvant Shah’s book ‘The Symphony of Krishna’.