One plus one

In the mathematics of love, one plus one is infinity.

“Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” Which great man could have made such a sharp observation? However much you scratch your head, you’ll be wrong. This romantic statement cannot be made by Buddha, Mahavir, Jesus Christ or Mohammed. Nor were Vinoba or Gandhi known for uttering such truths. This statement is not by Rabindranath or J.Krishnamurthi. It is not made by Woody Allen, Bill Clinton or Bill Gates. This great statement has been made by the great scientist and lover Albert Einstein. The romantic truth in the statement is something that today’s young people can accept. The older people who understand the emotion in this statement will never be unhappy. What does youth have to do with age?

Are you beautiful because you are loving, or are you loving because you are beautiful? Answering this riddle takes up an entire life. Man’s heart has its own reasons, which the mind cannot understand. Remember that age does not stop you from loving, but love can stop you from getting old. The mathematics of love is different from the mathematics of the mind. The mind calculates that one plus one is two. The heart is different. The mathematics of love finds that one plus one is infinity. Those who have empty hearts and very logical minds can do business, but cannot love. The mind copes well with the internet. The heart undertands the interior-net.

To fall in love, one does not need the power of gravity.

Translated by Batul Mukhtiar, Oct 2006