Secular Idiot

Can there be anything called a ‘legitimate police encounter’ in a civilized society that believes in human rights?

No way. So by that yardstick, a police official gunning down any terrorist should be branded as a killer. Should we accept this theory, no terrorist could ever be liquidated. What could a cop do but fire when confronting a terrorist? We surely do not expect him to do Bharat Natyam!

If a fake encounter is illegal, then why is only Gujarat singled out and maligned? Mohanlal Sharma, a brave Delhi cop had killed 40 criminals in fake encounters. He reached the Delhi-based Jamia Nagar flat, with full consent of the then Home Minister Shivraj Patil. Out of the four criminals holed up there, two managed to flee whereas the remaining two got shot dead. But in the ensuing encounter, Mohanlal Sharma was martyred. Had he not been killed, he would have been labeled a killer. What logic is this? Wasn’t it a fake encounter? It happened during the Congress rule.

For the past seven years, it has been fashionable among the media to tarnish the image of Gujarat even if it means disregarding the facts and distorting the truth. Have a look at these facts. In the last seven years, from September 2002 till 2009, a total of eight police encounters took place in Gujarat in which 16 people lost their lives.

On the other hand, in 2001-2002, when the current police commissioner D Shivanand was Jt. Commissioner, Crime Branch, his men were involved in more than 50 encounters in just one year. Incidentally, during the same period the maximum number of encounters (253) had taken place in Uttar Pradesh.

Currently, the encounter of a college-going girl Ishrat has kicked up a storm. Ishrat was accompanied by three men. On 15 June, 2004, all four were killed in an encounter on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. One of them was Javed Sheikh who was a Hindu converted to Islam. He had two passports, one with his Hindu name and the other with his Muslim name.

On the 6 of August this year, the affidavit that was presented to Mumbai High Court by the central Home ministry indicated that all four of them had links with Lashkar-e-Toiba. If Ishrat was so innocent, why would she come all the way from Mumbai to Ahmedabad with three unknown men? Just to have a stroll around the Kankaria Lake?

The above-mentioned Affidavit says: ‘It came to the notice of the security agencies of the union government that Javed was in regular touch with LeT operatives particularly Muzammil to carry out terrorist actions against Gujarat…’

What should the police do when four terrorists descend in Ahmedabad? Had police officer Vanzara been shot dead, he would have been considered a martyr, but since he is alive, he is behind bars. Long live India, long live your secularism, and long live your human rights! If a tiger breaks into your lane, do not kill him, you may get a bad name.

After Swarajya, a new animal was born at the Delhi-based Jawaharlal Nehru University. It’s name is ‘Secular Idiot’. Want to know its characteristics?

The Secular Idiot means a progressive intellectual, who would not see any good quality in the Hindu mindset and remains blind to any shortcomings of the Muslim mindset.

Such a singularly lopsided and partisan attitude of the ‘secular idiot’ leads to a communal gulf between the communities. You will often find such idiots in high profile debates on TV, sprinkling rose water over the issue of human rights. Is it because they have not lost their dear ones to terrorists?

Let the Gujaratis be aware. The ruling Congress party is convinced about one thing beyond doubt that if there is anyone who can take on the party, it is only one man: Narendra Modi. They cannot rest in peace until they ruin him. Congress spokesman Manish Tiwary has already called the Modi government a ‘man eater’.

If this is true, then what adjectives would you use for the Rajiv Gandhi government which desisted from using even a mild lathi charge when nearly 4000 Sikhs were massacred in the 1984 riots? Will the Congress indulge in vote-bank politics even while confronting terrorists?

Let the Congress regime at Delhi decide and declare that there would be no fake encounters at the Center or in Congress-ruled states. Only after such resolution will they earn the moral right to take revenge against the ‘man-eater’ government of Narendra Modi.

Any takers?


“Ask the marching soldier where he is heading..”

Do you remember this line in the Sunil Dutt and Nanda starrer ‘Usne Kaha Tha’?

Have you seen any Secular Idiot who could understand the agony of the police officer’s wife, before he sets out for an encounter?

Translated from the article by Dr Gunvant B. Shah, published in the Chitralekha issue dated 28 September 2009