the music of synthesis

There was a statement in the ‘Scientific American’ : ” All the elements get together and create an indivisible whole”. It is as if modern science has created a music of synthesis:

1. Synthesis between matter and energy

2. Synthesis between time and space


3. Synthesis between space and gravity.

It is said that time is the fourth dimension of space. It is also said that gravity is the curvature of space. Moreover matter, space and time are considered as the field. The non-separability between two particles has been proved.Rupert Sheldrake points to the unity of all living beings through the concept of ‘Morphic Resonance’

Philosophers have also talked about the supreme Unity. Discussions went on about the bridge between the ‘seen’ and the ‘see-er ‘, between’knowing’ and ‘the one who knows’, between ‘the thought’ and ‘the thinker’, between ‘Prakruti’ (nature) and the ‘Purusha’ ( soul), and between ‘I’ and the ‘non-I’.

Only such intrinsic unity can support the law of Karma, in the Universe. It is not possible to imagine a karma as something totally alienated. Any action is a chain-reaction, a chain of action and reaction, an interaction between cause and effect. The place of Karma in the creation of the Universe is like that of gravity in the universe.

There can not be action without its consequence. Action without desire for its reward becomes meaningful when the philosophy of Karma is understood. Only in the Gita have such unique ideas been expressed.

An extract from Dr. Gunvant Shah’s book ‘The Symphony of Krishna’