look at the sky!

The rains come like a long-awaited beloved. To wait for someone is a sweet privilege given to man. Reunion after a long wait reaches the state of poetry. Many Sanskrit plays have been written about meeting after a long wait. To wait for someone is a human being’s fundamental right.

When the rains come while one is in a dreadful waiting, the pain of separation increases. When the rain falls, the longing of the earth is appeased. Tulsidas has described the beautiful rains in ‘Ram Charit Manas’ thus: “The sound of the frogs calling, drao, drao, in all four directions, is sweet. As if students are reciting the Vedas! The trees are blossoming again like the light in a devotee’s heart. The fertile land is laden with fruit and crop, like a rich man’s property. The glow worms sparkle like a gang of rogues meeting at night.”

From ‘Nirakhne Gagan ma’ by Prof. Gunvant Shah
@ August 2000

  • nirakhne gaganma – look at the sky!

// posted by Batul @ 12:36 PM June 23, 2006

Cobainess said…
“To wait for someone is a human being’s fundamental right”

That is so true. But i have come to accept that waiting for someone has become a human duty too..

It was a nice read..

4:03 PM, September 08, 2006