Mahavira ,The Apostle of Non -Violence

In India food has received the status of   ‘Brahman’. A Rishi of Upnishada has introduced food as medicine. Taking food is a pleasant phenomenon, almost as good as a festival. In the process of taking food a lively contact with life is established. In breakfast or dinner on a dinning table, if in the food stuff a scream, a struggle or a shiver of fear of a dumb animal is felt, that foodstuff will not give health and comfort. When a hunter follows a deer, the deer in order to save life runs very fast and finally gets tired. If the hunter has a jeep car, the car does not get tired. At this stage the deer comes in the range of hunter’s gun. When the deer finds death just a moment away a final scream erupts from the deer’s mouth. Meat-eater in the fashionable darkness of a grand hotel, or on the shinning dinning table at home, ever listens to the death –scream of the killed animal, while relishing his dish?  Perhaps not. A living cow simply becomes ‘beef’ for him and a living hen a ‘chicken’. A living pig becomes ‘pork’. If only, just once, let man put himself in the place of that helpless animal.